Geek Gear Mystery Box | Yuletide Box

Geek Gear Mystery Box | Yuletide Box, Geek Grear is a company that brings Harry Potter Products out there in subscriptions and mystery boxes, these include many items that are available in the market. But these can be discounted or rarer to get hold of, but what’s in there? what examples of Harry Potter merch is around, where this collection focuses on the Yule ball time?


Yuletide Ball

Geek Gear is one of those websites where you can get your Harry Potter Merch, however with so many items coming and go they can bring special items in their boxes, and one of the collections to your house. Big Harry Potter fans will love sites like this, and can get those rare items that you normally would find it tough. But bringing it into a box meant often these were discounted and a great way to boost you collection, but being a bit more random please bare this in mind.

Well Mannered Frivolity | Tee

This pretty Blue Tee is a lovely design, you have to take risk sometimes with sizes as not all sites offer a choice in size, however with our family sizes are covered. For me the design may favour Pglet or Roo, it’s a little different from Harry Potter but looks cute.

Licensed and Exclusive | Snowy Hogwarts Print

This semi-framed print looks fantastic and deserves maybe to be in a different frame and hung Xmas time at your home, it’s a lovely snowy scenery picture and looks great. Artisticly it’s one of the better things in these style sets.

Wizardry Embarrassing Homemade Socks

These red and blue winter-style socks are fantastic, there fluffy and cuddly and actually could past as just normal winter socks, an excellent choice, and trust me when I say the girls were immediately after those but Boo outvoted them, which tells you the quality.

Wizardy Christmas Village Visit Approval Wax Seal Kit

This red wax set is very old school and suits the wizarding world, it might not get used in modern days but like us it’s a great complementary thing for our display of Harry Potter books etc.. its a nice finish and looks good.

Wizardy Student Homemade Knitted Hat Replica

The homemade style Weasley Hat is excellent, you know this as soon as you see this, Piglet whose head is the only ones that really fit has already worn it and just fits the winter style. But the colours are excellent and the Scandinavian design are awesome and is surprisingly really recognisable.

Wizardy Yule Ball Punch Token | Collectable Coin

Coins are a relatively big collection, and in pop culture merch there’s hundreds of coin designs that could boost your own collection, this one is fine and again focuses on the Yule ball, it’s got that pretty blue going round the edge, while inside was a clear design.

Wizardry “Remambauble” Christmas Tree Ornament

The Christmas bauble style for the Remembrall is a lovely edition and something to hang on the tree which you have to remember its Xmas time. The Remembrall is rarely mentioned and is the cloud in the ball that turns red when you have forgotten something, it’s excellent.

Wizardry Christmas Cards Collection

The four-set Christmas card collection which focuses on each house is a lovely-looking set, you may not actually use them as actual Christmas cards but there good to add to your display. But if you were to use them its fine, they not fancy enough that you regret wasting them.


The Yule ball is a popular time of the year for Harry Potter fans, and when we look back on the hold franchise it’s one of the more favoured parts, thus really deserves its only collection, there are a lot of items out there and you can really boost you display if this is something you like. There are some excellent examples in this set and has been a good varied collection, some excellent display, clothing, or gift items in here. For my Harry Potter fans, there was something for all of them.


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