Kids Magazines | Are they worth the price now?

Over the years Kids magazines have come and gone, some have stood the test of time and in reality, most of us have had atleast one in our lives, as parents we have also purchased Magazines for our kids, but with so much choice and the ever-increasing price, rises are they worth it? with the rise of technology and the choice of gifts with these mags, there’s lots to think about.

Duggee Magazine

Growing up

Growing up I had the odd magazine, grandparents would treat me or I might have been bought if we were on a trip, etc, and looking back I wouldn’t say it was something that had memorable memories. As a parent, as I said before I’ve bought them if we’ve been to a shop or maybe we’re out for that day etc like other parents I give into “well ill get them a treat”, like you might do if you were getting them a sweet or chocolate.

But there’s a price difference, chocolate or sweet may cost about £1 but the mags were often between £2.99 and £3.99. Recently I’ve seen kids Magazines at £4.50 and now doubt they will rise to £5! which is getting extremely high.


Choice of Magazines

If we are honest all magazines have decreased in popularity, there is still a type of person that buys them but i think that age group is changing, I don’t think many less than 30-year-olds are buying mags for themselves, with tech, social media, and everything on our phones its decreased, parents buying them for kids have decreased, we do still get tempted and working in a shop I can see that conversation.

I’ve been there…but I see how they discuss it and change there mind with a kid choosing the mag, and then they give in a buy it, but the choice is big and whereas once upon a time there was a big range for age group, the choice has limited in those age groups, I remember when I was young Teen mags were huge! smash hits, for example, were a big deal but as I said earlier that age group has moved onto social media, etc..

Kids mags are seemingly aimed at less than 10 and in reality, I would argue less than 6 with only a small handful that seems to be hanging on above that age group, now with those mags that are less than 6 the obvious attraction for kids is the gift, with these mags they feature round brands of popular TV shows or channels such as Milkshake on 5 or Cebeebies, this grabs the attention of the children but they go straight for the toy.

I’ve looked at quite alot ill be honest with you, and they can be pretty bad, being a lego fan the Lego mags are good with often 1 or 2 Minifigures, these are worth £2.49 to £2.99 so these were often good value but even these mags are seemingly getting higher and higher, most mags come with a variety of plastic stuff, sometimes toys that really only last a short time, personally there’s so much plastic with these im shocked there’s not been more of an outcry over the waste that happens. Some have Art and Stickers etc, not many come with books and educational items.

The Verdict?

I admit I’ve been that parent that’s buy them, I’ve said it before but I really do think now that there getting so expensive and the choice of toy I think is poor, there might be one thing every so often that you think that ok, but the pure amount of plastic used every month is poor and again I’m shocked this hasn’t been a bigger deal. For me there not worth it and I don’t buy any for my kids anymore, I’m sure there are parents that still do and that’s their choice but I don’t think there is a future in the form that the are in.

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