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Being a child of the 80s I was able to experience a lot of things, each decade provides those children great memories. While pop culture and changes happening in the decade, every child grows up with something different in their lives, with memories, events, occasions, and loves, but this one is all about the 1980s, the best decade?

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Born in the 80’s!

I was born at the beginning of the ’80s and if I’m completely honest, the ’80s is probably the best decade for all things pop culture, whether it TV, Music, films, merch, toys, whatever the only thing for me was really not at its prime was gaming. Don’t get me wrong I realise you might think I’m biased, I get it but in my opinion, no decade gets redone and or as the popular second time around than this. It feels like everything from the last several years are remakes or spawned from the 80s at some point.

Child of the 80s | Superstars

For me growing up trying to remember what happened there are some obvious things that stood out, Ghostbusters, He-Man and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles all stood out, even the turtles thing with ninja was a dangerous word s they changed it for a while to Hero! Watching these on TV and owning Toys was a big part of my childhood. Between my cousins and I, we owned a lot of these toys and it was great fun recreating and playing.

Child of the 80s | Superstars

Pop culture refernces all the time

But the film choices from the era are still talked about now, they get referenced a lot, for me some of my favourite films were from then, Ghostbusters, Back to the Future Indiana jones, etc among many still hold dear to us all. Films have been referenced from the ’70s, ’90s etc but they do not repeatedly get used in TV and films as much as the 80s. It could be the era of people writing and directing? but I don’t think so, look at directors and writers now, they are either younger or just simply older and spent more their lives in more than just the ’80s

Child of the 80s | Back To The Future

Probably more so than films and TV is Music, no doubt I could spark a debate with many people about artists and songs etc..and whos the best? what song is the best? best band, etc whatever? but I’m not. however as a decade and impact, and beloved songs, referenced and favourites of many people, it’s better than any other decade! There are too many to mention but let’s be honest home many are already thinking of a great song from the decade?!

Child of the 80s | Ghostbusters

Is it the best?

For me, it is the best decade, and in a way, I wish I was a little older to remember and appreciate more, but on the flip, I’m so grateful to have been born in the 80’s it really was a great decade and one I will always hold dear, as era’s go, we are starting to see 90’s holding dear to peoples heart… but that’s a sorry for another day.

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