Lego 10308 | Holiday Main Street

Lego 10308 Holiday Main Streat is part of Lego’s Winter Village collection and focuses back in the winter village itself, it contains 1514 pieces and features 2 buildings, scenery, a Tram and 6 Minifigures. It’s RRP is £89.99.

Lego 10308

Lego’s winter village theme is an annual launch and has been going for a little while now, with me being a big fan of Xmas its one of those ranges I’m always looking forward to every year. Lego within this theme has two parts, one that’s set more around Santa and the north pole, and the other half was more of an actual winter village, this year we were back to being in the town, literally in the centre as we focused on Main street! the heart of the town.

Tram Conductor

The blue Tram Conductor is instantly recognisable, he looks fantastic with a pocket watch tucked inside the suit, with the blue and black matching from head to toe, the face itself which is just a one-side print, has a moustache that’s add to the look.

Music Shop owner

He contains the detail and has an excellent red Shirt and Tie combo with printed Suspenders that look even better, tan pants were a good neutral choice, while the grey beard and hair caps of the minifigure.

Toy Shop owner

The Toy shop owner has knitted print on her top that’s great, its cardigan style is over the top of a white shirt, while Dark brown pants make up the bottom half, the headpiece with glasses also has a brownish ponytail for hair.

Women with hat

Three people make up the rest of the scene, the first lady has a hat and hair combination, all three figures are using different combination pieces from multiple past sets, and the combinations looks good, like this lady whose blue pants, and green Christmas style jumper are excellent, she is holding some bags of shopping.

Lady shopper

The other lady who is also shopping and also has two shopping bags with her, has a light blue pant with a black-styled longer hair, however, her pink jumper looks fantastic with a slight colour variant for sleeves etc.

Little boy

The last Minifigure sees a little boy, he is holding a letter to Santa but his hat is one of the better pieces in the set, the blue winter jumpsuit that’s almost a ski suit looks excellent. All three Minifigures have double sides face prints for joy and normal, his with the slightly open mouth and teeth is the best.


Threes a small scenery extra which is often around in sets like these, they are often fences etc… to show depth and something extra, this one though was the main street clock shows four faces while a post box for the little boy, and a couple of black fences make up the rest of snow-filled scene.

Christmas Tree

Lego has found their way to do Christmas trees, I seem to have said this on the last several trees ive built, but they have and they’re all pretty similar and built the same way, that’s not an issue or a criticism, this one was more yellow stars and studs, where others can be multi colour, a star sits on top while one of the more unusual things is the base, a white base with a couple of hidden presents under there is excellent.


One of the main parts of this set is the tram, of course it’s not the first time these have been done, and the base with the wheels is built to fit not only to be powered should you wish to expand it in the future, but also to fit on the train tracks that are available in other sets. So if you are used to making trains in Lego it’s very similar to the carriage, but from the base part upwards its different.

The overall colour scheme with the cream carriage sitting on the dark black bottom looks great, but its the added white top red and green Christmas-style colours make its pop. But that’s not it the signs of advertising on the sides which are adverts of the two shops are equally great and a really neat idea and with those red and green holly style designs both on the sides and the reefs on the end is good.

Lifting off the white and clear roof you can see inside a bit more, though the sides being a tram are still fairly open with glass window blocks, open stairs and open seating. The choice of normal seating but also a brown bench style seating was great as it adds to the design of Tram and clearly shows what they are trying to do, The only thing I would have hoped for is a small light much like the Lego trains.

Toy Shop

Now if you have ever read my reviews I don’t like half builds for a variety of reasons but often their play style and detail, however, the idea of these being them is fine, ultimately its Main Street, so its all happening in front of the shops with them in the back round with detail. But they haven’t forgotten about the detail with the buildings, they are much more going on than you think to help with the scene.

The front of the Toy shop has its sign which remember is advertised on the Tram, but with its being Christmas the accents of White and snow dotted around a relatively simple rectangle building help add feel and angles. The colour its a red and olive green style design, the Oliver green is a bit unusual as it does not really appear in the current range of the Winter Village, while the bottom half is that dark red, but with the greens and those whites, it provides that winter feel.

An entrance green door is a old school shop feel but the windows are what making the background scene look good, you can see toys on display, one side a rabbit with a train and sign the other. The top half is more of a house style design but the windowsill and snow following off it looks great, with a little blue bird for extra detail, shame its not a robin,

Flipping around the building, you can see the two floors more clearly, you can see the window display downstairs with that rabbit and train, but in the room, you see a till and display cabinet in the limited space.

Upstairs is a miniature room with a bed, Units, and Rug, a Christmas tree and presents, they have actually done well to squeeze this much colour and design into here, both floors aren’t great for play value but for a display its fine.

Music shop

Like the Toy shop its the same layout with a rectangle design with shop downstairs and living upstairs, but where the Toy shop has a flat roof which was saved a little with the snow from being boring, the roof on the music shop is a more traditional angled grey slate roof, with points on each end and snow being used to enhance the design.

However the Design is tweaked from the front, the blue door is on the side with only one larger window visible, and inside of this are a couple of musical instruments, this is excellent, Above the blue door is the blue music sign again advertised on the Tram, the red orning above the windows and green and red Christmas colours add to the feel, the building this time has orange style brickwork. Upstairs the red orning continues above the blue windows, with couple of green banners hanging down against that orange brickwork.

Turning it round you can see those musical instruments in the window, but with the guitar etc there, we see more detail in the form of saxophone, drums, and picture of keys from the piano, a till in the middle with a holder for wands or recorders…or something to represent.

Upstairs like the other building a room was chosen, this was more of the kitchen diner, kitchen one side with cups, teapots and cabinets, the blue and white is nice, while the table was red and the chairs was a different blue, don’t the table say a candle, cups, and cookie, again trying to pack a lot in.


Overall its. solid winter set, its not too expensive and that would probably be something that would have raised eyebrows, but it isn’t, two buildings, minifigures, Tram, scenery Christmas tree…lots of stuff and they are all good. If you were bulking out your winter village this is an excellent addition, if you were just making a display, it’s the same. However, from play value, it has its limits with the buildings.

But the amount of detail they packed it you can forgive, the Tram is excellent, but there isn’t any tracks provided which is strange, 3 or 4 would have been enough, but if you own other sets in the Winter Village or Trains, then you can at least borrow some. Overall it’s good, the minifigures are great, and there’s no doubt where and what this set is based.


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