Nerf BUNKR Competition Pack

It’s Nerf or Nothin’ something we have all heard before as Nerf is one of the biggest Toy brands out there and with all-out action and Gun warfare it’s the leader in this style of Toy fun. But it’s not just about the Guns! Nerf has lots of extra Accessories including this Nerf Competition Pack which takes your Nerf BUNKR battles to the next level as you create your own Battle Zone.

NERF BUNKR Competition Pack

Gorwing up with Some Nerf

We have owned Nerf guns for many years now with all three kids enjoying the fun, but we have also seen the Evolution with Nerf as they have grown from just having sets of different guns, to having new ranges, different shots, teaming up with a variety of brands, and increasing there own accessory line to compliment the battles. But with all of this it was more about offering a little difference and some boosting of the player, however, Nerf takes a step in the direction of creating a battlefield with these battle zones to help add more surroundings and obstacles indoors or outdoors for your battle.

Nerf BUNKR Competition Pack


For me this was a logical step and one of those ideas of why didn’t anyone think of this idea years ago as it was such a good idea, but how did they work? were they useful? What’s in the sets? Well firstly there inflatable, which allows ease of use and storage, they feature a 3-way valve system to inflate or deflate the battle stackers, which let’s be honest is vital for storage as big obstacles can take over your garden or house, so the ability to deflate and pack them away is as useful on daily basis as setting up the Battlezone.

Within the box use also receive Bunkr Game Cards, the Inflatables can be added with a little water as this will help it stand correctly during outside play, especially if it’s a little windy, however, this will add some weight to stacking them would perhaps be a miss if it looks unsturdy.

Nerf BUNKR Competition Pack

Being Creative

These being movable allows you to own more than one set, the more you have the more creative you can be in your structures, whether you use a single structure to hide, a big wall, barrier, a fort maybe? but the variety of shapes and designs style will allow you to essentially build what you want so you can easily add to the 4 that you get within the box, it really gives you that better feel than just using your own furniture or garden equipment.

Nerf does have other Inflatable packs as well so you complement your battle zones with further additions, essentially making it as easy or hard as you want, with other shapes as well these can be much better stacked. These are very easy to assemble and with a suitable manual or electric air pump can be done fairly quickly, there is a separate valve for the water which is just as easy.

Nerf BUNKR Competition Pack


This is an excellent addition to the Nerf Family, and the Bunkr range such as the Bunkr Go Battle is such a unique way to add to your fun, it will make the older kids feel like they are at some sort of activity or event but at home. The fact the inflatables are different shapes and sizes means it’s a great starter for kids to adapt to their battle zone to their surroundings, and with other Nerf packs, you can add more down the road.

Like most Nerf equipment it’s a bigger kids’ fun with the guns so take this into consideration, same goes for the accessories but for the older kids its easy to use, personally the divet ontop top of most of the inflatables allows you to store Nerf darks/bullets, this is surprisingly one of the best features because if you have played a game keeping track of these and having some ready can be tough.

Win a NERF BUNKR Caution Crate and Toxic Barrel

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