Tigger | The Age of Change

Tigger is 10 and well on the way to 11, and as he’s getting older like many kids he’s changing, with this age bracket he’s caught between two significant parts of his life, being a kid and then teenager as he moves from one to the next, and with that, his attitude, likes and mindset change.

Boy club

Being a boy I’ve been there, I’ve been in his shoes going from that child to teenager, and even though it’s a long way in the past I know what he’s going through and what to expect for the next few years, I remember in a matter for months my interest changed and I can see that in him now. Roo got this age and seemingly aged years in just a small amount of months, and this was potentially coming his way now.

Over the last couple of years he’s moved away from playing with toys, he was that typical boy of action figures, cars, lego etc but these have begun to fade in the back round, he still likes Lego but it’s not that creative just build and destroy action like young kids do, he likes the collector’s stuff and still helps me but it definitely slowed, even with Pokemon he knows them but I can start to see that love of it just starting to slow if he plays it on the computer of some sort then that interest is raised but its slowed.

Even spending time with Piglet has decreased, he didn’t mind getting involved even when she was younger but you can now see him starting to struggle, that can’t be bothered mood or finding hard to think what to do because that toy doesn’t interest him is starting to come through.

He still enjoys drawing and his reading I still consistent but I think this is who he is and this will probably continue, as for everything else tech like many people these days takes center stage, he enjoys a film much like me, and with the option of SKY, Netflix, and Disney plus he gets around with films and shows he likes (these are still restricted for him) but with gaming, this is his main interest, like most his age and even like me, we are a gaming house.

The credit I will give him is the range of game she likes, its much broader than me and Roo, though I think Fortnite hasn’t helped him at all as he gets wrapped up in because of his friends, sister, and cousin, and if you know about Fortnite rage then you get what I mean, this has been restricted as he only is allowed to play on that a couple of times a week, because of it.

Teenager change

His attitude is as you would expect starting to change, he’s is naturally a quieter boy, much like me, and pedantic/organized, much like Sheldon from Big Bang but not to his level lol, and right now he’s still a polite caring boy, hopefully, these are traits he continues.

But you can see the fuse getting shorter, the jokes starting to come in, the slight can’t be bothered attitude when we ask him to do something, all stuff you expect from a teenager but we are still in its infancy, and in that difficult change as I said earlier from kid to teenager, neither full one or the other, no doubt the next few years will be challenging and with us being a small group of boys in our family, it will no doubt fall more on me to help guide him etc.


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