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Top 5 Animated Series | Adult

Top 5 Animated Series? well, this one we look at the more adult version of those series, but what is my Top 5? With the rise of them over the last 30 years, becoming more cruder and more out there, what has is good? well, there’s now a lot to choose from and certainly different opinions.

The Past Animated Series

Pre 90’s Cartoons and Animation did appeal to the whole family, Flintstones, Scooby doo, Pink panther, Johny Quest, and Wacky Racers among many others could be classed as adult as well but in reality, there’s definitely a step up in Adult Animation, thanks to cartoon network and Adult Swim channels. So with the 90s onwards it certainly took a turn and now we have lots to choose from, some from across the globe including Japan, America, Britain, and other European countries. For me, what is my favourite all these years later?

Rick and Morty

One of the more famous current generations of Adult Animation, written well, performed well and actually, has a lot of hidden meanings and moral questions etc that kind of gloss over because of the sometimes outrageous parts. From the outside, you may see it as that cartoon the kids like, and your right but it’s surprisingly clever and is good fun.

South Park

You could argue this was the jump in adult animation to mainstream, Beavis and Butthead had come close but South park was launched to controversy, in reality, it handles any subject the same way, for entertainment, it doesn’t discriminate discrimination certain people, everyone is available to poke fun at and cover subjects that wouldn’t normally be touched. But this little cartoon network series, spawned, Merch, Films, Characters, Albums, and a worldwide following.

In the early 2000s everyone in pop culture knew what this was, and was used, good and bad. Years later it’s still going strong, its series is more clever and well-written than ever before, it may not have those individual episodes through the years that stand out but it still is great now.

Family Guy

Family Guy may be well known now, and like Rick and Morty and Southpark, it has huge merch and is well known through the years, but fox doing Fox things tried to destroy it more than once. Actually, if you watch the first 3 series there pretty rubbish, that’s often an issue with long-running series, and it takes time to get going, but man Family guy really looked poor in retrospect in the first couple of series, and you can see why.

Fast forward it became a favourite for many, it may be in a difficult situation as I write this perhaps getting a little stale, but still the impact it made and for many many well-loved episodes, it’s still great.


Futurama and not Simpsons? well yes, Futurama started ropey, from the makers of the Simpsons, and people immediately compared and dismissed it. Simpsons and the turn of 2000 were at their height so it was struggling, and I don’t think the first series was great, though I’ve had a debate recently with friends about it… but as years went on it got better, it had more love, so much so people wanted it back and it came back, with specials and a new series.

The later series became more risky, bordering that line between family to adult, many subjects were a little dodgy but done in a way you didn’t notice the age rating side of it all. Actually surprisingly clever program and really one of those that has a following and is well loved, it’s come back again in the streaming era, as I write this.

American Dad

Much like Futurama and Simpsons, American Dad was linked to Family Guy straight away with Seth Macfarland and co, and doing a similar show how do you make it different? the first couple of series again was poor in retrospect, much like I’ve mentioned it needed to get through the early Series to work through what each character brought to the plate and to get a back story.

It did and it became clever and funny, it was able to do stuff that Family guy didn’t, the characters were strong and at times they did specials over two or three episodes that linked together. But many years later it’s still going, that says a lot and if anything the second half to the series is way better than the first half.

Other Animated TV Series…

The Simpsons
The King of it all, but is it Adult? at times yes but for the most part no, it all round family TV series but don’t get me wrong, it would be number 1 arguably in era or list.

Bobs burgers
Very good series, one of the more popular modern-day animation TV Series.

Venture Bros
An underrated series that I think for many have never even looked at.

It’s good, a spy-type series, for me it gets lost halfway through the Series count.

Bojack Horseman
Get over the fact there are animals, it’s brilliant and deals with depression, among other subjects really well, so many hidden meanings but no doubt gets lost about the animals.

King of the hill
Bordering on not being Adult, it’s more of an all-round, would have loved a more Adult version

Robot Chicken
It’s a hit-and-miss style sketch show, a lot of good, some passable and uses a different animation

Solar opposites
From Rick and Morty’s team, the program is fine, but the mini story about the wall is absolutely fantastic.

Ren and Stimpy
Pretty weird in retrospect but one of those more cult favourite programs

Beavis and butthead
Started for many the turn in adult animation

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