Do you order the Christmas food or shop at the last minute?

Over the years shops have grown their choice and food expectations with their selections in ordering Christmas food. they often have magazines and websites etc early to ensure they get your food ordered ready for the big day, but do people do it? whats the experiences? Alternatively, there are people that shop for their Xmas food right up until the last minute, but what’s better? what do you fit into?

christmas food

Christmas Food

In our house, we have varied a lot in our Christmas food, especially as our family has got largely. With the opportunity of discounts and living locations, the choice of shops has also changed, but one thing seems to have never changed is come September the Food mags start popping out, almost every supermarket has that option and certainly the big ones do, let alone shops like M&S who make it a much bigger thing.

But let’s be honest, Christmas food isn’t cheap and when you look at these ordering books etc you really get to see how much things are. However, for those that budget and organise you could argue that this planning etc is better, we all know that when you visit a supermarket you spend more than you wanted to do, you always get at least one extra thing, let alone at Xmas.

The Reduced

But you get what you want, visiting shops in those last few days can you get good prices, especially reduced stuff and offers but this is a massive risk. There’s a big what-if moment, what happens if they don’t have what you want? what happens your limited to one thing and its expensive bigger/smaller than you wanted.

Now closer to Xmas day you go the harder it becomes, fresh foods can cause a problem for storage or quality, you could try and get it slightly earlier but you have to hold on for it for days, a freezer option is a good choice but again depending on the space you could be limited.

This isn’t the only risk though, there are plenty of horror stories regarding ordering food, often supermarkets will exchange items out, or there might be delays. Ask around and you will find friends that have had an issue, don’t get wrong sometimes it’s great, you get what you want, but delays happen, mistakes happen, replacements can come into it.

For some, this could ruin their Xmas food preps and with these happening often on the 22nd,23rd or 24th, there’s almost no time and your back doing the other method, last-minute shopping.

Difficult Decision

It can be tough making that decision and personally if you have a shop you like, you know the food and your confident and good a planning there ordering is an excellent way to sort you Xmas food. I’ve done the last minute offers and good with the method of “what’s there is there” and you go pot luck in what could be there, sometimes good something not, foe example Sainsbury had an excellent choice of reduced desserts right before Xmas, but another year they had practically nothing, same day same time and I almost planned for them to be there and threw me into a panic to get other things for our Xmas celebrations.

There’s plenty to consider and there isn’t a wrong or right decision, but either way, you might have to risk, and depends on the person playing the gamble perhaps at the last minute or that person who wants to plan and prep. It’s down to what you feel confident in but both will be the choice for you to decide on, hopefully, your Christmas wont be ruined either way you go.


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