Selling Your House? Here’s How To Increase Your Home’s Market Potential

Selling Your House? Here’s How To Increase Your Home’s Market Potential, Selling your home can be an ordeal in itself. It can be just as stressful as buying a new house and the whole moving process. It isn’t an easy thing to go through. Especially if you have a family. There is the whole keeping it neat and tidy for starters. The upheaval of showing someone around, hoping they may like it enough to put an offer in.

selling your house

Selling Your House?

It can leave you on tenterhooks. However, there are a few things you can do to make the situation easier. The main one is home improvements. While you don’t want to spend too much, given the fact you are moving out, spending a little can make a big difference. Both in how quickly you sell it and your market value. So I thought I would share with you some of the ways you can do that. 

Think about your home’s first impression

This is what a potential buyer sees first. Sure they have seen the pictures of your home on the internet maybe, or in a brochure of literature. But seeing is truly believing. The first thing they will see is how your home looks on the pavement or drive. So it’s vital you take care of the first impression and make it a good one. A freshly mown lawn and neatened flower beds will help.

You could also take pride and brush up any dropped leaves or debris from the path or driveway. Garage doors are possibly the first thing someone’s eyes are drawn to, so if they look tattered and unloved, this may put buyers off. You could think about replacing them, making your home look amazing from the outside. Things like oak garage doors will always look appealing to the eye. If other things around the exterior of the property are also broken or a bit rundown, then there are only benefits to hiring a handyman near me in Lyon or wherever you live to get the place tidied up. It’s up to you, but a first impression could be your only impression.

Clutter will not sell your home

If a house looks filled to the brim with things and personal items, it can be difficult for a potential buyer to see past that. What they want to do when they walk through the door is imagine their furniture in the rooms, and how they will feel living there. So make this as easy as possible to do and minimise your home as much as possible.

Personal items like pictures are always a great thing to keep out. It shows that a home has been happy and filled with love. But magazines, old newspapers and bills lying about won’t be appealing to a new buyer. You could use it as an opportunity to get ahead on the packing and box those items up ready for when you do move. 

Decorating could be the best thing you did

It may seem like dead money spending on a house you don’t intend to stay in, but it can increase your sale value. Which is only a good thing. Decorating your home is one way to do this. You may, over time, added your personality to the place. You have every right to. Buy because you like a particular coloured wall it doesn’t mean someone else will.

If you can spruce up even a few rooms and paint them in a neutral shade, you will be doing yourself a whole host of favours. This gives the impression that a buyer can move straight into a place without having to do any work themselves. It’s a win-win situation for everyone. 

I hope this helps you with any future sales, and you make a success of your property to sell, or even take some of these tips to your new one.


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