Halloween 2020

Halloween in 2020 is going to be different, let’s face it, none of us has been able to do what we wanted to do this year but with Lockdown, Covid, restrictions and many challengers how would we be able to celebrate it? how would the kids still have some fun? That was the challenge this year, luckily in happened during our half term so that was a plus point to start off with.

Last year

Last year as detailed on my blog we kind of went all out, we like to build our decorations up over time and decorate the house, much for our kids but also for the many kids around our area, we live in an unusual housing area as it’s like an Estate but on an edge of the city and with one road, much like a village but with a few more houses, we are almost in our own world so the community treats it like that and for them, Halloween is normally a good thing to celebrate.

This year though the general mood of it all was obviously a lot less and practically knowone was decorating or doing anything for  Halloween which you could see as you went round, normally many houses including our own would be decorated, but as I said earlier in the month I was keen to also not be involved, I don’t feel comfortable taking my kids to others, let alone encouraging people to come to ours etc.

Luckily with me, I was off from work that week! Hooray! and it went along with the kids being on half term, for me this was great because throughout this year ima key worker, which meant I was still at work, and it was a rare chance to spend more time with them, and with that we had a Halloween themed week.

We watched a variety of Halloween family films, I had been this month watch my adult ones on a night(boo doesn’t like them) but we had been chipping away on our family film night as well, Films like Addams Family 1 and2, plus the new cartoon, Goosebumps 1 and 2, Hocus Pocus etc.. which is always a good time for us, family film nights are big in our household.

Some prep

At the beginning of the week, I got the inside decorations out of the Garage, and we had a bit of a sort out, we normally out things in the window alongside our outdoors ones but again we didn’t want to attract Trick or treaters, with our decorations I tend to pick up bargains but this year shops had less which meant they went and I didn’t top up, but out that aside, we still managed to have out ones out, Piglets favourites are the musical toys, we have a few and tend to add every year, I made a little display in the main living room along with our other decorations.

Some Halloween fun

There were two things we planned for the day, a food party and a little Halloween sweets hunt, (much like easter egg hunt), with the kids in the living room I had bought a big sweets tub from work, and we had some little ghosts cups, that Piglet and Boo filled earlier, I hid them around the rest of the house ready for all three to go and find.

Now Roo is a bit old for this but shes like sweets…so she got involved, Tigger though doesn’t do sweets, his a fussy eater so sweets are a little waisted, he was collecting for me lol, we gave him a small treat the next day and explained that it was only fair as the girls had got sweets.

Needless to say, this went well and for Piglet she was really happy doing it, Roo was with the sweets at the end, we didn’t go overboard though as normal I probably would have got more, this is something we might do next year anyway.

Some Food

Earlier in the week we had bought some Halloween themed food from Food warehouse, a Caramel cheesecake esc thing shaped in a gold skull, and some Halloween shapes Turkey drummer esc things, with bats, witches hats and pumpkins, Roo had also been doing some planning and was baking, she was baking white chocolate chip cookies for Tigger (fussy eater) and Vanilla cupcakes with funky Halloween buttercream on top, this was the first time she had really done something for themes.

she bakes but only individual things to eat, not a bigger theme party. Over the years we had collected some Halloween Party food decorations, that allowed us to decorate the table and the cakes, again this went really well and we all enjoyed ourselves.

Ultimately our Halloween was more relaxed and also key but we still managed to have fun, spend time with each other and enjoy some different things and ideas, who knows what next year will bring.


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