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Transformers battlegrounds are the latest in a long line of games in the universe of Transformers, this one though is set in the Cyberverse Tv program so many of the characters etc feature in that series and thus the game, the game itself is released on multiple platforms.

We love transformers, Tigger and I have watched all the films and he has watched many of the series’s let alone I watched it when I was young also, even Roo enjoys the films. When it comes to the game I’ve actually played several versions of transformers games but the kids haven’t actually played that many so far at all.

I was intrigued to see how Tigger would get on with this game partly because he loves transformers so how did it stand but also this was a different style game for him.

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What they say

TRANSFORMERS: BATTLEGROUNDS is an all-new tactical combat game, featuring fan favourite characters from the Transformers franchise including Bumblebee, Optimus Prime, Grimlock, Starscream, and Megatron as they battle it out for control of the AllSpark in single-player and co-op gameplay. Combat takes place across an array of diverse levels, including iconic locations such as Central City and Cybertron where players will take command of their squad and fight together to save (or destroy) the galaxy”.

Key Features

  • LEAD THE AUTOBOTS – Command Bumblebee, Windblade, Optimus Prime and more heroes in thrilling tactical combat
  • FROM EARTH TO CYBERTRON – Smash and blast across cities, forests, deserts and beyond in explosive missions
  • HONE YOUR SKILLS – Accessible controls and 3 difficulty modes welcome beginners and put seasoned tacticians to the test
  • LOCAL MULTIPLAYER –Team up with a friend or take them on solo in arcade-style games

What Tigger says

“Transformers battleground is about having to defeat the Decepticons and also having to go to different places such as the dessert and the Forrest. The main six characters are Bumblebee, Windblade, Grimlock, Wheeljack, Rc and of course Optimus Prime.

There is only one mode and that is a story mode, both single or COOP, if you wanted to you could have more than one different save game should you wish to restart or anything. In story mode, you start the game by attacking some Decepticons in a city with Bumblebee, after that the Decepticons tell you what’s going to happen in the net few levels, once you earn 4 Autobots you get to choose who you play as for that level.”

“I like this game because I really like the transformers films and series, my favourite character is bumblebee because he stands up for himself and is really cool. A tip is I would give anyone starting to play is, always go close to an Energon container to get your Energon up faster.”

The game is a bit different for many, it’s more about the right Autobots, using the right ability at the right time, being a tactical strategy game you have to plan your next move, looking at what you’re going to do next, learning what ability is best and when or who, which for many isn’t anything new but with Tigger and no doubt other kids, this is different to there normal.


Transformers is still hugely popular, and the Cyberverse is still fresh in many peoples mind due to the program on TV and Netflix, this game has many of the more recognisable characters including Windblade who hasn’t really been in anything else, so this alone allows the gamers to get involved in the game, being that tactical style game its easier to get hooked that some other genre’s though some can be discouraged.

I don’t think its overly complicated which could frustrate people, so well worth picking up, the graphics are fine, and its fairly user-friendly, coop adds a little bit of difference, though more game modes would have been a good addition.


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