Gift Cards | Is it the Right Gift?

Gift cards can be used for birthdays and Xmas and even used for rewards for a variety of occasions, many companies use them, even digital purchases online like gaming, Itunes etc use cards, these can often be an easy gift or quick solution, but also can be a useful thing if people are saving for things, but with Xmas approaching, are they the right Gift?

Over the Years

Over the years they have grown in popularity, think back 20 years ago? this wasn’t really a thing, and even 10 years ago it was still a rare thing, shops did do gift Vouchers and these were the first versions in reality, and to be honest, this was far more of an acceptable thing when I was younger, and would often be placed in Birthday cards and Xmas ones, though not every shop did them and what happened if you got the wrong shop for you? let alone most places you have to spend the whole paper voucher if not you would lose it?

With the last 20 years, they have risen to be far more standard, we have kind of grown into the way of doing these, many years ago we jumped on board with gift vouchers/then cards because we were young, low on money, starting our adult lives, so any help was appreciated, far more than perhaps the odd random present, not that they can’t be nice or good, but I’m that generation that’s brought up using these, and as I said for us it was often more helpful, we are planners and budget people.

so we often have to work out what we are doing and when thus the gift card element helped, and with the kiddies being you it was of course essential for balancing money, presents, and general things we needed, over the years we have often used gift cards for simple needed things as a way of surviving as opposed to buying elaborate one time only fun things.

The Stigma of Gift Cards?

For some though, Gift cards might be a little bit of a stigma, something they aren’t thought-full enough, there just a card, or simply nothing to be excited about, and in some ways some of it is true, and for many, it’s down to personal choice or generational mindset, for my kids, for example, they love getting a gift card, Roo loves it as she can fill her purse with them and utilise them in planning her money and shopping trips.

Even Tigger now starts to understand because he’s able to make the choice or help save towards something he needs or would like, as for Piglet, she doesn’t quite understand money yet, but understands that she wants something…and you need money lol.

Personally, I like gift cards, companies are far better with them now, gaming has fully embraced over the years and is all over services like Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo, Steam etc.. and I will often purchase some for friends or vice versa, going into special events is often something that’s easy but I know my friends will find a use for them, as I said earlier I like them, it gives me a chance to find bargains and use them when I find the right price and right bargain, whether it be online, in a shop or a gaming service.

Lockdown time?

This year has been tough, with 2020 lockdown time, and Xmas fast approaching, access to shops is lower than ever let alone the ability to visit people around Xmas time,  so deliverable gifts both physically and digitally will be no doubt on the increase, and you could argue this is where Gift cards can help, there is a risk with a lot of downturn in shops so in reality if you were worried you would possibly choose a bigger supermarket or online store,

It would be great to support local shops but I get it, its a risk. I’ll be honest I’m already planning that gift card are my viable this year than ever, again for me it’s not that I don’t care or haven’t given much thought, but I know some people prefer or it, or there at that point were there looking for the right product at the right price and thus this would help.


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