Lego 76124 – War Machine Buster

Lego 76124, War Machine Buster comes from the Avengers Endgame range based on the film, it has 362 pieces and contains 4 minifigures including Antman, War Machine, and 2 Outriders. Its RRP is £24.99 and one of the mid-range sets in the series.

We have been collecting the range much like all of the MCU sets that come out, Tigger and I thoroughly enjoy all things marvel, but especially the films. The Avengers films have been fantastic so with this set being released we obviously had to get it, based on the size of the set Tigger would take the lead on this one but we won’t be doing per bag review as there are only one thing and the minifigures.

The Build…

The War Machine Mini Figure is a unique one in his Endgame costume, he looks great and continues the theme if you were collecting the set of them all, the colour and printing is spot on, his helmet is black and is different to the more silver metallic versions from before but it’s fine, he is made with 2 stud launches, one that he holds and one that comes from his back over his shoulder, these can be detached and connected to the war machine Buster’s arms, his face like Tony stark is a double with one side a holographic screen for when he’s in the War machine, and the other normal.

Antman is also in this set! he like War machine also has his Endgame white suit which again is unique Antman in this set, he has an updated helmet with a bit more red and the mould is slightly different, he though has hairpieces for when he isn’t wearing the helmet, but unlike War machine, he has nothing else.

The two outriders are one from each of the current range, many people collect armies and will be welcome for two more additions, the multi-arm one still has his black design and with gold decals on it, whereas the other has goldish claws and a shoulder accessory for the difference.

The War Machine Buster is the first version of this one, but it set loosely on The Hulk Buster Smash upset, thus the build was very similar in concept, the main central area and chest pieces is created first with a position for Rhodes War machine to be placed in, it also holds some my stud bullets inside.

But like most Mech figure type project the arms and legs attached next with generally Technic pieces being used, the arms are attached via a large ball joint near at the shoulds, with the hands able to grip, but the below points do not, unlike the Hulkbuster and other Mechs. The Legs attach via the clicker connection that can be turned and kept at an angle, the feet then connect via those large ball joints again, with toe parts as stability.

The helmet comes down to hide War machine inside while a 6 studded giant cannon is made for his shoulder, and a rocket launcher over his other one is also visible, showing war machines traditional array of different firepower, I like the red in all of this with the light blue greyish colour of the buster and silver and light grey pieces help the design, along with that red. Tigger found this easy to build with rigid joints and the use of large pieces an the connections etc, the stickers are a nice military touch to finish it off.


Overall the War Machine Buster is a good build, its price is relative to two previous Hulkbuster and other sets though there’s not much extra here outside of the Buster, however, I like the colours and design, the whole thing feels far more study and rigid, ina good way, I’m always worried f knocking mechs or these Hulk buster type designs because they can go over and you have to adjust it back to the right sweet spot, but not on this, the only drawback from the design is the rigid elbows, there’s still play value but I’m surprised these weren’t large ball connections aswell.

The mini-figures are fine, more outriders…fine, Antman is oddly here but hey ho, its good way to add to the white suit range, and ar machine also looks pretty good in this design, but if you have read our other reviews as ever the let down is the point of this? he’s not in Endgame, so it’s not an endgame set but ultimately I’m just pointing out the obvious, I’m still happy to add these two my set, and it’s nice to continue the white-suited heroes.


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