Throwing The Ultimate Birthday Party For Your Young Tweens

Throwing The Ultimate Birthday Party For Your Young Tweens, Birthdays are a thing to be celebrated and as a parent, you want to ensure that you make your child feel extra special. However, parties can often be associated with younger children, where party games are enjoyed and lots of sweet treats and cake.

Birthday Party

But what about when your child is not at the stage of wanting to pass the parcel but is not yet at an age where they want to say goodbye to the party? It is possible to throw the ultimate party for your young tweens. Here are some suggestions. 

Think about the venue

One of the first things to think about is the venue. Finding the ideal venue is essential. You may want to have the party at home which gives you greater flexibility, but that does mean it might be a more intimate affair. Other locations to consider could be hiring a room somewhere or looking at a local village hall.

This gives off that feeling of a more grown-up party, but still enables you to have the creativity. You will have full reign on the decorations and you can even work to a theme. Plus there will be plenty of space to invite lots of guests. 

How to make it feel a little more grown-up

Having a theme or sticking with something like a colour scheme can give the party a different feel than something you might organise at a party venue or a play centre. There are a lot of ways that you can make this party feel a little more grown-up. For example, covering the tables and having chair covers, placing down place settings, and having things like centrepieces.

It can add a little more glam to the occasion and certainly make it feel a little different. This can also be a chance to add different things that they may like, and even space for a dance floor. 

What about the entertainment? 

Entertainment can be another great way to give this birthday party a bit of an edge. You could look at a band or a singer ass part of the entertainment, a DJ or even things like karaoke. This sort of thing can also help to break the ice and encourage socialising, which can be tricky at this age.

They might be past the stage of the usual party games, but there are other ones that you could consider. Perhaps a quiz, or even friendly competition by splitting the guests into teams to do different things. 

Food and drinks are still important 

Last of all, you might want to think a little differently about the food. It might be that your child is past a hotdog or burger, but could be inclined to something like pizza. Maybe you could hire some street food vendors that will do different things, or perhaps a dessert station where they can create their own desserts. You might also want to think about drinks. Maybe some sparkling fruit juice in glasses as opposed to squash. 

I hope that this has given you some inspiration on some of the ways to throw the ultimate birthday party for your young tweens.


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