5 Great Reasons to Take Self-Defence Classes


The world can be a dangerous place.

Although most people are generally good, there are some individuals out there who would happily rob, harass, or attack a stranger on the street without a second thought. There are dozens of horror stories each and every day from people who have had terrifying encounters in dark alleys and ended up fighting for their lives.

5 Great Reasons to Take Self-Defence Classes

No one should have to feel afraid when walking home at night, but for many people it is unavoidable. Women are by far the most common targets of assault, and almost every woman you know will have strategies they use to feel safer when out on their own. This might be walking with their keys in their hand to use as a makeshift weapon, or having a trusted friend on the phone who they can alert if something happens.

Hopefully, the worst-case scenario will never happen to you, but if you do find yourself confronted by an assailant then you want to be prepared. Learning self-defence has saved many people in the past and could help you out of a sticky situation in the future. There are so many options when it comes to self-defence, from karate and judo to Krav Maga and Brazilian jiu-jitsu. All of which have their own unique styles and techniques.

If you are unsure whether you need to learn these skills, here are five great reasons to take self-defence classes.


When you learn a form of self-defence, you hope that you will never need to use it outside of the training gym. Each week, you will get together with your instructor and your group and learn new moves and defensive techniques that you will practice constantly. And over time you will get better and better at your craft. Even if you never need to put them into practice, learning these skills will improve your abilities and boost your confidence. There are few things in life more satisfying than seeing your own development progress. Some martial arts have coloured belts or other markers to signify your level and observe your progression throughout the ranks.


Taking self-defence classes, although the purpose may be very serious, can still be a lot of fun. You are getting together with other like-minded people and learning new things in a social environment. You will share all the hardships and victories with your classmates and will make new friends in the process.


It doesn’t matter which form of self-defence you choose, it will be an incredible workout that targets all areas of your body. In the beginning, you will definitely be feeling the effects the next day. These classes are a great accompaniment to a healthy lifestyle and will leave you feeling stronger and fitter.

Peace of mind

When you’re equipped with self-defence skills, you will hopefully feel more confident next time you’re walking home alone at night. You know you have the power to defend yourself against an attacker and this can give you peace of mind.

It could save your life

And finally, the most important benefit of learning self-defence is that it may just save your life.

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