How To Get Photo Ready For A Special Occasion + Giveaway

Having your photograph taken can be no easy task for the most confident person. There’s just something about having that lens in your face that can make anyone feel the pressure. But, if you have even an inkling of confidence that you are photo-ready could that improve how you feel in front of the camera?

I think so. Most cameras will be around when there’s an occasion to be photographed. Perhaps a milestone birthday party or even your wedding. Here is a quick guide on how to be photo-ready for a special occasion. 

Let’s talk about your face

This can mean more than just having a face full of makeup. This could mean having clear and vibrant skin, making the most out of your features, and being happy in your skin. Having a good skincare routine can have a fantastic effect on the way your skin looks. As well as providing you with a confidence boost. Clear skin can make you feel good about yourself. 

Let’s discuss what makes you unique

It’s a great idea to make the most out of your best features. You may have beautiful eyes, but hide them behind glasses. You may love them, or you may find them annoying. You could always consider contact lenses. Have you ever thought about it before?

There is plenty of info on contact lenses to read up on. Maybe your unique feature is that winning smile of yours. So make sure you are smiling. A photogenic person has confidence in the way they look. Even with squinty eyes or goofy teeth. Know that you are unique and use that to your advantage. 

 Let’s be comfortable with showing your emotions

There is a difference between someone being genuine and smiling in front of the camera and someone who is staged. Showing your emotions will portray a more natural look in a photograph. For example, smiling. You would always laugh and smile naturally showing your teeth, so why wouldn’t you do that in front of a camera? Don’t create a look or smile just for the shot, as this will appear unnatural. 

When you show your true emotions, your whole face is affected by how you look and feel. If are smiling naturally then your eyes will be lit up, just the way they would if the camera wasn’t there.

Be confident in yourself and who you are. 

Don’t be afraid of posing

I don’t mean to strike a pose but don’t stand and look awkward either. Try and stand as you would do in a normal situation. Bend your joints, be comfortable and work your assets. It will always give you more confidence if you are comfortable. That you stood naturally as you would instead of being put into a position. If it helps get in front of the mirror and practice. 

Have some fun with it.

Finally, just have some fun with it.  Try to not let the pressure of the camera get to you. A photograph should be a memory frozen in time. You wanted to look happy and content. Not uncomfortable. 

I hope this guide helps you become photo-ready for your next special occasion.

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