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ZBox‘s are supplied from Zavvi and can be bought from their website and at events around the county like MCM Comic Con, these focus on pop culture and can be themed like anime, films, gaming etc or they can be completely random.


ZBox Mystery Box: Comic Con Edition – What did we get?

This box is the last in our Comic Con editions in which we picked these up at MCM Comic Con, they are special versions but in reality a little less stuff but at a cheaper price, which in reality you could get a bargain or something that isn’t completely your thing, but if your a family or friends and fans of many pop culture references, then odds are there will be something for each of you. We did buy and open a small one for family use as well which ill share at the end as an additional.

Disney’s Zootopia

Mystery Mini’s, a small little mystery box with the chance to get a 1/12 chance of a figure, including may of the main characters in the film, this is a good little pocket money gift for kiddies.

AMC Walking Dead

A lanyard with plastic sleeve holder as well as badge style attachment, this reads Walker Hunter and has a Crossbox and arrows, probably based on the character Daryl, its good colours of black and red with white, and the lanyard strap is black with the simple names of the show, if you attend a lot of conference like events then this is pretty good to have, plus there are people that collect themed lanyards.

Battlestar Galactica

An Exclusive Cylon Raider 4.5″ Scar Titan, (apparently a Loot Crate exclusive “caugh”) this is, unfortunately, the third one I’ve received, 1 in each of these boxes, don’t get me wrongs its a great Vinyl figure and replication of the ship, and if you were a fan of Battlestar Galactica then these ships are pretty good.

Marvels Guardians of the Galaxy

The biggest and heaviest item in the box! Produced by DK Books and Marvel, its a complete guide to their characters, history, villans, ships, stories, comics and generally anything to do with the history and stories of the Guardians of the galaxies (not the MCU), many will not realise how long they have been around and who has actually been in the guardians of the galaxy and may surprise many as they are different to the films.

In reality is very different to their history, being the main force in space for many years, many other characters like Silver Surfer, Thing, Ironman, and Captain Marvel, has crossed over to it. The box is well done and very good for those more hardcore fans of the franchise.

A little extra

In our other smaller box we got another Battlestar Galactica Ship as mentioned earlier, a little toy story 4 egg, a Zuru mini marvel spiderman figure, and a Foomi, in which you can paint or colour a little generic figure, personally not a great range.

Thoughts on the ZBox Mystery Box: Comic-Con Edition

In the main zbox, the selection is ok, and actually, between the two it was good to see some stuff for younger kids as they are often missed, so seeing some smaller pocket money items like Disney was great! The walking dead Lanyard is fine, as is the Battlestar Galactica Ships, we just seem to be unlucky with the amount we get.

The main item, in my opinion, was the Book, but I do realise if you were a fan of Guardians of the Galaxy then this is perhaps not great for you, but Tigger and I think it’s great and very interesting, personally, I wouldn’t have paid top dollar for this, and I’m glad it picked it up cheap at Comic-Con because it was well worth the £9.99 I paid, I’m keen to try there bigger subscription boxes I the future.

Win a ZBox Mystery Box: Comic Con Edition

I’m fortunate enough to have an extra ZBox Mystery Box: Comic-Con Edition to giveaway so that you can discover the range of products included within their mystery boxes.

PRIZE: ZBox Mystery Box: Comic Con Edition

To enter simply complete the Gleam widget below, all entries are optional and each one completed will gain you more entries into the random draw.

ZBox Mystery Box: Comic Con Edition (WTDS)


  1. 20 April 2020 / 4:15 pm

    This looks like a great mystery box to pick up if you are at Comic Con, it contains a good selection of items, the book looks fab.

    20 April 2020 / 4:21 pm

    I think fans might be happy with it at the price you paid but I don’ think it was worth more. I liked guardians but to find a book would have been a let down.

  3. Joanna
    20 April 2020 / 7:14 pm

    For the price you paid on this box, I think you got a good selection of mystery items inside. Shame that this was your third space ship, that can be annoying. maybe you can swap it with someone else who buys these boxes as well?

  4. 20 April 2020 / 8:46 pm

    What a fantastic bundle of items you have received in that box from comic con. Looks like so many things to keep both you and your son busy while in lockdown

  5. 20 April 2020 / 10:06 pm

    What a fab selection of items. Both Steve and Jack would love a box like this – will definitely check them out!

  6. 21 April 2020 / 9:55 am

    These all look fab – what a great way to keep the children occupied during the lockdown! He won’t be getting bored any time soon.

  7. 21 April 2020 / 12:49 pm

    We watched Guardians of the Galaxy 1 and 2 yesterday for the first time and loved it! What a great treat box and so many wonderful things inside!

  8. 21 April 2020 / 3:08 pm

    This looks brilliant, it’s Isaac’s birthday on Thursday and he would love to get this

  9. Rowena Corderoy
    21 April 2020 / 4:17 pm

    What a fabulous item as both my boys would love the contents of this box!

  10. 21 April 2020 / 8:00 pm

    My sons (and husband!) would love this! There seems to be a really good selection and well with the £9.99.

  11. 21 April 2020 / 8:34 pm

    That sounds like a bargain for all the items which were inside it, I would definitely pick up one of these.

  12. Melanie williams
    21 April 2020 / 9:04 pm

    Oh wow how cool is this. It is always exciting when things come in bundles like this x

  13. 22 April 2020 / 10:40 pm

    This is a nice gift to buy for my sister who’s a total fan of the guardian of the galaxy 🙂

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