Diary From A Dad | May 22

As each month goes by my Diary from a Dad look at what’s happening with our little family, through all the adventures, challenges and obstacles that come to our lives. As a family of 5, with 3 children at different ages every day, week and month can offer something different. It was May, the weather continued to improve, Halfterm was on the Horizon as was summer, and it was Star Wars month! Let alone the multiple pop culture things happening.


Diary of May

Overall though May is one of those funny months, it’s after Easter, Summer isn’t too far away, its often a month generally at work or school so generally not a lot happens for most people, especially with Half-term happening right at the end, just before the Jubilee, but for us It was one fo those uninteresting months, but there were some highlights.

Working hard

For Boo and I, we continued working, I’m in the middle of helping another Store out, which is leading to me transferring over, this is largely because of its more consistent hours and better shift patterns. As I’ve talked about before I’m the main parent, so I need to leave myself more open but also working around the kids, currently, in the store, this doesn’t really happen as I tend to work evenings/nights.

This is a little annoying as the kids are at school and then they get home and I’m going to work or have already left, this isn’t really the idea of what we were trying to do. So with a change of store, this should give me the opportunity to do more shifts during school time.

As for Boo, she’s been picking up more days at her work due to short staff, to be honest for us both we don’t mind the little extra money and work as we need it. Both Boo and I have working on a new Travel website, it’s something they were doing together, the first time we are properly collaborating on something like this. It’s getting there and looks like a good start to what we have planned.

Outings are obviously limited, we did have the opportunity to attend some flowers, something that the girls loved… Tigger and I were there for the ride but to be honest it was something that we hadn’t really done, so it made a change. We even popped for a meal out which again is something we hadn’t done much this year.

Pop Culture bonanza

Even with everything going on, it’s actually been a bit of a pop culture month for us, Back to the future Lego was released, Moon Knight was ending, and Doctor Strange was released in which was one of the better Marvel films there’s been. Add to that Stranger Things was released and is arguably the best series they have done, but the month was a Star Wars one also, Kenobi was launched along with the yearly Star wars may the fourth celebrations.

But that still wasn’t it! Top gun Maverick was launched and was easily the most 80’s movie since the ’80s and that is not a criticism, it was bang on as a sequel, on the flip Boo was happy as she got to see Downton Abbey in a rare evening out for us two, we even had a meal out! which for me meant a film with my mates and food, then an evening with my wife! this has been along time to happen in the same month lol.

Coming up

With Half-term underway and the count down onto the end of the School year, June will signal halfway through the year! which is scary in how fast it’s going, but let’s see what happens next month.

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