Lego 76386 | Hogwarts Polyjuice Potion Mistake

Lego 76386, Hogwarts Polyjuice Potion Mistake is a set based on the second Film harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, and helps celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Lego and Harry Potter. The set includes 4 minifigures including one of the special golden anniversary minifigures, Collectable wizard cards, and is set in the bathroom at the school, it has 217 pieces and RRP of £17.99.

Lego 76386

Lego 76386

This is one of the smaller sets available and is one of those anniversary sets to celebrate the Lego and Harry Potter, and if we are honest there’s to a lot happening here but actually for the price and the range of Minifigures would this be still a good set to own?

Harry Potter

The one thing you will notice all 3 are wearing Slytherin outfits to help their disguise, on the face of it Harry has his hair and minifigure face like normal, however unlike any other set his reverse face os completely different, and with accompanying hair allows the change of character outing like the Poly juice potion

Ron Weasley

Like Harry he is wearing his Slytherin outfit, these look great, and like Harry both the boys have disgusting faces on their minifigure showing the taste of the polyjuice. His reversal is also present along with his change of Hair to allow the boys to transform into Grabbe and Goyle.

Hermione Granger

Hermione also is wearing a Slytherin outfit but her Minifigure is also double-sided, though this is not unique but still excellent alongside her hair which in this range of sets is spot on as Lego have found their grove on her design. However the best thing for her build is the alternative moulded head of a cat, due to the mistake with the Polujuce position she turns part cat, however, there is one notable mistake of the build, no tail which is a shame.,

Golden Harry Potter

In this range of anniversary sets, there are characters representative in a pearl golden design sitting on the base, this one is the design of Harry but that pearl gold colour with the 20th anniversary on the back. If you like these then great.. i don’t.


There is some loose accessory of the potion pot and cauldron, along with of course the characters holding wands etc, even in the main build that’s about all for extras as the rest of the set focuses on the actual building.

This particular bathroom is Moaning Myrtles which is where the scene takes place, and also doubles later for the secret entrance to the chamber of secrets. Because of the design, it will also snap to the chamber of secrets build allowing the secret door for the minifigures to enter and slide towards the chamber, again if you have the set.

From the outside it’s the normal Hogwarts colour and design to show the consistency towards the build, you could technically place it anywhere in your design for that reason though connecting with the chamber is probably better. The window on the outside is lovely alongside the old school castle theme design, which for many holds dear.

Back inside there are polar opposites in style and opinion, on one hand the Sinks and the wooden toilet stall are excellent in design and really show a different way to design, let alone within the curved sink area is a hidden doorway, but again the way the sink is design is fantastic.

On the other hand, it is all a bit small, so you don’t get that big bathroom feel, with multiple stalls and more importantly the intricacy of the sink area with snakes and layers etc.. that happens in the film. so if you compare it you could be a little disappointed but as a micro version or a different way to build compared to other sets, it’s solid.


At first, you might be a bit dismissive of the set, the price, the range of Minifigures and the size of the set, but actually, for the price, it’s one of the better sets in the range. Though I was a little critical of the building it’s still fantastic, the design is excellent and the hidden door is a great touch that they didn’t actually need to do for the scene.

This bathroom is quite significant in Harry Potter and returns in Goblet of fire and is a reference in other films, so a slightly bigger more intricate version si all I would have preferred but, this microscale is absolutely fine. The minifigures are excellent, the unique part of essentially having two different characters per 1 is very different in the world of Lego, and actually really was a great idea.

The boys especially were great and if you think Minifigure is £3.99 and you get 4 of these you are almost at the price of the set! Hermione cat version though is probably for many the standout and would have been complete if you had the tail, which would have been such an easy fix as they exist in the lego world. With all this said it’s a good set, either for Minifigures collectors or just adding to your Hogwarts its worth the purchase.


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