Camping Breakfast Ideas

Camping Breakfast Ideas, Do you know what I love about camping? Well, lots of things actually, but at the moment, let’s talk about waking up to the smell of french toast and bacon cooking. Even if you don’t normally ‘do’ breakfast, an easy camping breakfast is the most important meal of the day. For a start, it’s easy to cook a good breakfast, even if you don’t have camp stove. Bacon and eggs are quick to cook, for instance, and will set you up for the activities of the day.


When you’re camping, you’re probably more active than usual. There’s the effort of pitching the tent or leveling the caravan, then there’s all the equipment to set up. All that lifting and stretching is new to many people. You’ll be walking more than you normally do, even if it’s only tripping up the field to the showers and toilets, or to fill your water container. You may play outdoor games such as tennis, badminton, and football as well, so you need to fuel up your body in order to enjoy your camping trip to the full.

You’re more likely to have a disturbed night when you’re camping – although some people swear they get their best night’s sleep under canvas. It follows that your energy levels will therefore be a little low in the morning, and a good hearty breakfast will boost your energy. Beans on toast is a great pick-me-up for tired campers and are easy to prepare as well. Or make a big pan of porridge, for a satisfying and healthy breakfast.

Camping Breakfast Ideas

One of the best things for a camping breakfast of course, is fish, freshly caught and cooked in bacon fat over an open fire. Coffee is usually pretty good too, or hot chocolate. And along with the fish, it is usually good to have some campfire hash browns, because they taste good, are easy to cook, and the smell cascading around the campsite is just too delicious to pass up. Of course you want to prepare the hash browns ahead of time so they be ready to just toss in the pan.

If you donít have some fresh fish, the next best breakfast food is bacon and eggs or pancakes. Very few things evoke such imagery and smell as good as bacon and a fried egg when itís cooked over an open fire or hot coals. And if other people with you are still sleeping, itíll be sure to wake them up with smiles on their faces, and bellies ready to be filled. Sausage is good too, whether sausage patties or links, especially when you pour some maple syrup over them; and if you are lucky enough to have real maple syrup, made fresh somewhere nearby, well, that is even better.

Of course before you can indulge in much of anything, you are going to have to get the fire started, so itís always a really good idea to collect the wood you are going to need the previous evening before it gets dark. And while you are at it, you might as well make sure whatever it is you are planning to cook doesnít get eaten first while you are still sleeping. Always tie it to a tree limb higher than a bear can reach.

It is also pretty important that you bring along the right cooking utensils, and that means a cast iron skillet, a metal spatula or two, a coffee pot you can set right on the coals and something to eat off of, such as paper or plastic plates, along with plastic cutlery or stuff you donít mind washing and tin cups because you can drink anything out of them. You probably also want to make sure you have some paper towels too, because camping can get a bit sticky.

Breakfast time on the campsite is a good time for the family to discuss what they want to do for the day, and whether the camping experience is meeting their expectations. Once you sit down to your food, you can relax and make your plans. It’s such a contrast to the rushed breakfasts of normal family life when everyone is getting ready for work or school. Breakfast time on the campsite is quality time to spend with your loved ones. The food doesn’t matter – even if you sit down to a bowl of cornflakes, you’re relaxing together in a way that doesn’t happen in everyday life.

Getting down to the practicalities of camp cooking, it’s probably easier to cook a good breakfast than anything else, so if you breakfast like a king, you won’t feel deprived if you compromise later in the day. If you have a big breakfast, you’ll be happy with soup or a sandwich for lunch, and perhaps a salad for dinner. Or treat yourselves to a meal out – just because you’re camping, it doesn’t mean you have to rough it!

Easy Camping Breakfast Ideas With Hamburger Meat

In many ways, camping can be an endeavor that requires an individual to utilize the items that are present to the maximum benefit, and in the area of meals, there are a number of creative ways to use hamburgers for a delicious breakfast that can help. While the idea of eating a campfire breakfast burger dish may seem a bit odd at first glance, it is really just beef that can be added to other flavorful and simple ingredients that can make a camper forget that they are eating a hamburger at all.

The real key to finding creative ways to use hamburgers for a simple camping breakfast is to use the hamburger as an addition to a recipe or meal – not to slap a 1/4 hamburger on a plate next to some sunny-side-up eggs. If approached properly, using a hamburger for a camping breakfast may mean that your fellow campers may not even recognize the presence of the hamburger at all.

One of the best creative ways to cook breakfast and use hamburgers is to incorporate a small amount into a hamburger hash browns. Just cook and crumble about a half-pound of hamburger in a frying pan or a cast-iron skillet and set it aside in a bowl. Dice and cook a half-pound of potatoes, a few pieces of bell peppers and 1/2 of a large onion in a cast iron skillet and return the hamburger to the same pan. Crack and scramble about 6 to 8 large eggs and add the egg mixture to the cooking pan and heat the contents while stirring regularly until they are finished.

Garnish your hamburger hash with salt and pepper, a few pats of butter, maybe a little bit of cheddar cheese and a sprig of parsley for a great camping breakfast.

Hamburger Gravy Breakfast Sandwich

Another excellent creative way to use hamburgers for a camping breakfast is to make biscuits and hamburger gravy or hamburger gravy sandwiches. Simply take a pound of hamburger and cook it thoroughly in a skillet while chopping the hamburger into fine bits. When finished drain the grease from the skillet and add the appropriate amount of water and a packet of dried gravy mix and let the ingredients of the pan cook until finished.

When done, this creative way to use hamburger for camping breakfast can be poured over hot biscuits or poured over toast to make for a very filling and hearty camping breakfast. This particular easy recipe also goes fantastically well with a side dish of potatoes or grits.

A good manner to discover creative ways to use hamburgers for easy breakfasts is to look around your pantry at home before departing for your next camping trip. If you allow yourself a few moments to ponder the possibilities you may be surprised at the ways to use hamburgers for camping breakfast that you can originate.

Eggs In A Nest – A Basic Recipe

Butter as many slices of bread as you have campers. Place the bread on a skillet or cookie sheet that has been sprayed with cooking spray. Cut a hole in the centre of each slice of bread and place the circles of bread from the hole on empty spots of the pan or cookie sheet. Crack an egg and pour the contents into the hole in the center of each slice of bread. Cook over a flame or on a stovetop until the egg is done.

Cinnamon Biscuits Is The Perfect Choice

Mix a cup of sugar, a tablespoon of cinnamon, and 1/2 cup of softened butter or margarine. Open two cans of refrigerated biscuits and separate them. Roll the biscuits into ropes then roll them in the cinnamon sugar mixture. Coil them on a cookie sheet approximately 2 inches apart. Cook them over an open fire or in an oven until they are done. If you have an oven thermostat, this will take approximately 15 minutes in a 350-degree oven. You may sprinkle powdered sugar over the top for some extra sweetness.

Oatmeal Is The Easiest Breakfast

A hearty oatmeal breakfast will stick to your campers’ ribs, and it is even more delicious when eating it outdoors. Prepare it the normal way, or you may use apple juice or chocolate milk instead of water. Add dried fruit such as raisins, apple chips, or dried cherries for extra flavour and nutrition. For crunch, add nuts. Spice it up with a few shakes of ground cinnamon.

Camping Breakfast Burritos

Over an open fire or in a skillet on top of a camping stove, crumble and brown some sausage. Whip up some eggs and add them to the cooked sausage. Add onions, peppers, mushrooms, and salsa, according to taste. Use this mixture to fill flour tortillas. Add shredded cheese and roll up the tortillas to make them easy to eat.

Delicious Recipes Of Breakfast Trail Mix

If you don’t have access to a stove, and everyone is too hungry to wait for a campfire breakfast, serve a breakfast trail mix that you can prepare before you leave home. Mix any type of boxed cereal, such as oat squares, Cheerios, or bite-size shredded wheat with almonds, walnuts, raisins, and other dried fruit. Separate them into single-serving bags, ready to hand to hungry campers.

When you go camping, don’t skimp on breakfast, considered by many to be the most important meal of the day. It’s especially critical on a camping trip to provide the fuel for your daily activities of hiking, fishing, climbing, and other outdoor activities. You’ll need plenty of carbs and fats for energy, as well as protein, vitamins, and minerals for overall good health. Preparing the winning combination while camping may pose a challenge, but the best part is that there are some simple campfire recipes that are fun to make and eat.

I hope you can use these easy breakfast ideas and simple breakfast recipes that don’t require that much work to make on your camping trip!


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