Lego 75966 | Hogwarts Room of Requirement

Lego 75966 Hogwarts Room of Requirement is a set based on the Order of the Phoenix film and set in the room of requirement, a relatively important scene in the film. It contains 193 pieces and has 4 minifigures, with all 4 being unique to this set, its RRP is £17.99 and one of the smaller sets being released.

Lego 75966

As a family we are big Harry Potter fans, the girls more so, with our Lego collection Harry potter is the one theme they really are excited about. Since the Rerelease of theme a few years ago we’ve been treated to many more sets and the opportunity for more detail, including smaller and bigger sets to bulk out displays. this set is one of the smallest sets, not including the Promo sets or those Book themed snapshots of the film.

Harry Potter

Many Many sets include Harry Potter, and in my opinion sometimes too many as they are keen to throw him in, however when they release a unique figure based on the actual set or scene it can be good. This one is one of those minifigures that are excellent, the more older ragged-looking Harry, which fits the film, the open jacket etc looks great.

Hermione Granger

Like Harry she has a lovely grey and Griffindore colours top, She doesn’t look as ragged but there’s a notable difference to the younger versions of her. The same goes for her hairpiece with a different colour and style than previous versions, which again like harry fits the film much more.

Luna Lovegood

It’s a refreshing change to see a different character, there are a few characters that could have joined this set because of the scenes, but having Luna is great. She also has the grey design but being Ravenclaw her colours are different, and they even design how much it closed top to be different from Hermione.

Death Eater Dummy

The death eater dummy does change from Prisoner of Azkaban to Order of Pheonix, but in this film, this version of the dummy is used. This figure shows it excellent and has a similar face to the death eaters from other sets but ofcorse the whole thing is in that brownish-red wood effect, with next wheels and lower half to design to show the dummy.


Along with the minifigures, the other great additions to the set is the animal Patronuses, the trans light blue animal has been done before however the Otter and Hare are awesome additions. The other extra is a board for the main building, it’s nothing special from the design but the sticker set on it is also excellent, its features Cedric Diggory, newspaper extracts and a photo of the original order of the Pheonix, many of these have died in the story from the films and is added motivation for the new crop.

The Room of Requirement

We will be a little honest from the beginning, there’s not much to it, and like some other sets recently it’s more of a background to the figures and the scene. However there are a couple of next things, from the outside there’s a moveable wall hiding the door from behind, this allows for those who need it, and an entrance into the hidden room.

On the outside there’s also a small number of hanging rules, which depicts from the movie, these are great and worth a read, the whole colour is the yellow/cream and brown effects from the other Hogwarts set.

As you turn the half build you see the inside, but unfortunately there’s actually less detail, you can see the translucent blue bricks that are visible from the other side, the main feature here though is a fireplace which above it is a push style chimney that knocks of the rules from the other side, a bit like the film when the rules are destroyed.


To be honest, this set is all about the Minifigures and accessories, the building is an afterthought and with a limited piece count, there’s not much happening. The play value is a little limited in that logic, though the rules and the slidable wall is neat, that’s it, you can’t really connect it to what you have in Hogwarts, but you could maybe use it long-term in a display.

But as I said this set is about the minifigures, all 3 students are unique and well worth adding to your collection, alongside their Patronuses. The dummy which is the fourth figure here is also a bit fun and worth having. Its RRP is £17.99 and I would say it’s not bad value, a minifigure is often around £3.99 and with them being unique you have basically got your money there, even with the building that you may or may not like.

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