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  • RAVE Coffee | Dad Review

    Rave Coffee is a coffee supplier that focuses in sustainable coffee and Eco-friendly products, in which they can supply coffee for Whole bean, Cafetiere, Filter and espresso-based pods, you can purchase these on their website as a one-off purchase or as a subscription option, to ensure you have a fill of coffee all year round! They have a selection of flavours and strengths so you can again choose what style of coffee that best suits you.

  • Gift Cards | Is it the Right Gift?

    Gift cards can be used for birthdays and Xmas and even used for rewards for a variety of occasions, many companies use them, even digital purchases online like gaming, Itunes etc use cards, these can often be an easy gift or quick solution, but also can be a useful thing if people are saving for things, but with Xmas approaching, are they the right Gift?

  • The 5 ways we are using smart speakers

    At home over the last couple of years we have had an influx of smart speakers into our lives, we arguably came to the party a little late that many others but since we first got started with them, we haven’t looked back. The range of speakers has, of course, changed over the years, but we have used both Google and Amazon in our house and they have developed in being part of or lives.

  • Binge Watching, The new trend with Streaming

    Recently with world events, Binge-watching Streaming series on various devices has been on top of many peoples agenda and is often discussed on social media and other media platforms. However in reality over the last few years, this has been growing into a bigger thing, with more and more people changing their viewing habits.

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  • Mince pies 2019 | A Dad Review

    Mince Pies are great! I have had them for years, ever since I was little where I would warm them up and put sugar on top. (times change). Every year I look forward to eating them and this year was no different, but what was different, as I was restricting myself to just December! Which you might think is odd but normally I tuck in the way before then.

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  • Netflix for a Family of 5

    As a family, we have several devices in the house that a stream, whether it be our tablets, Ipads, or TVs. We utilize these to play multiple streaming services including Netflix. Every day one of us will have it on at some point.

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