What Does a Watch Say About a Man?


Today’s modern man is more interested in fashion and projecting the right image than ever before, and the watch that he wears plays an integral part in creating that positive impression. But what does a watch really say about a man? We’ve researched the market to deliver you a comprehensive list of the quality brands which make your statement for you – immediately, and with the impact you deserve.

Whether you’re keen to impress at an interview, want to instil confidence in your clients, show your status as a successful man, or simply express your own unique flair, the statement that your watch makes about you could influence the way you’re perceived and ultimately the way you stand out in a crowd.

What Does a Watch Say About a Man?

Watches are powerful tools that not only tell the time but also communicate your own personal sense of style. Whatever brand of watch you choose to wear, you’re making a bold statement about your values, your personality and your lifestyle. 

While many brands are available to purchase, the choice of a luxury brand is imperative to ensure that the message you send to others is clear. 

Express Your Success 

One of the world’s most recognisable watch brands, Rolex, is the ultimate accessory if you wish to express your own success through an iconic watch. 

When you choose this brand, you are communicating your willingness to strive to achieve your own ambitions and telling the world that you aren’t afraid to take risks. 

You demonstrate that you have impeccable taste and that you appreciate the finest that life has to offer. 

Rolex watches are an ideal purchase at any time of life, but are an especially appropriate choice for a man on a momentous occasion in his life, or who has already reached the pinnacle of his career. 

The ideal watch for a businessman who has arrived, or who is on his way towards realising his true potential.

What Does a Watch Say About a Man?

Show Your Adventurous Spirit 

Omega watches have long been considered to be the ultimate timepiece for affluent adventurers, thanks to the perfect balance that they strike between adventure and luxury. 

When you wear an Omega, you are expressing your independence and your love of an active lifestyle. Whether you’re a keen sportsman, love the outdoor life, or want to display your determination to push yourself to the limit, this is the designer watch for you.

Demonstrate Your Sophistication

The pinnacle luxury timepiece for a man who wishes to show the world his sophisticated side has to be Cartier. A classic choice for the wealthy man with a developed, sophisticated sense of style, this brand exudes luxury and suaveness. Understated elegance demonstrates that you are a man who enjoys the finest that life has to offer. 

Ideal for men of all ages, the Cartier brand is especially appealing to those who have achieved success in their lives, and who aren’t afraid to demonstrate their status.

What Does a Watch Say About a Man?

Display Your Passion For Horology

An heirloom or fashion watch will never satisfy a true horology aficionado, so if you’re a man who places the utmost importance on craftsmanship, a Vacheron – Constantin is the timepiece for you. 

Impeccably constructed, but without the deliberate ostentation that is sometimes associated with other brands, these watches show that you value quality and mechanics, but aren’t actively seeking the approval of others. 

A Vacheron makes a strong statement saying that you may have it, but you don’t always want to flaunt it. You are your own man, and you take on the world on your own terms.

Show Your Practical Side 

When you need a watch that is functional but doesn’t compromise on aesthetics, Gerard Perregaux is a brand that will suit your lifestyle. The perfect combination of modern good looks, iconic style and practical design, these timepieces are the go-to selection of any man who prefers to take a hands-on approach. 

The distinguished history of Gerard Perregaux demonstrates that you recognise expert craftsmanship blended with undoubted style. With a youthful look, this is a watch that reflects the go-getting attitude of the contemporary man.

What Does a Watch Say About a Man?

Display Your Values

With the environment in crisis, the eco-minded man can even show his support via his choice of watch. Holzkern specialises in making watches that are made from organic and natural materials. 

With the strapline “Uniquely Natural. Naturally Unique”, Austrian Holzkern wish to explain their strong connection to the materials they use to make their premium hardwoods. 

Beautifully crafted and aesthetic, the resulting wood and stone eco watches are both lightweight and comfortable. 

As each piece of wood is different, so is each watch, truly reflecting the wearer’s individuality. 

A watch is a statement piece that communicates both your personality and your style. The model and brand that you choose express not only your values but also your character. Whether you see yourself as creative, successful, sophisticated, practical, or adventurous, you can find the ideal timepiece to create a strong impression.


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