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  • Disney Plus Group Watch

    Disney Plus is a streaming service launched in 2020, and is home to some of the biggest franchises in TV and Film History, with the Likes of Disney Original, Marvel, Star Wars, Simpsons, however, in late 2020 they launched the ability to Group Watch.

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  • Mince Pies 2020 | The Budget Ones

    I do love a mince pie and each year I will always buy mince pies, but over those years I’ve tried a variety of them, and these days there are 3 tiers of mince pies seemingly in every Supermarket or baking brand, so this year whos mince pies were the nicest, I’m not a fancy foody, I’m not being paid for it, I’m just rating some mince pies simply.

    Lifestyle, Seasonal
  • Xmas Gifts | Lockdown gifts from a distance

    Normally gifts can be at a massive and wide variety for Xmas, with a large number of shops and even bigger selection online, choosing a gift can be full emotions and a difficult decision, however with all of this you were happy when you were able to give the gift in person. With 2020 we have spent a lot of time in lockdown, and we are potentially starring at Xmas being in lockdown, so with this and possibility of no family visits or very limited, what type of gifts are useful this year?

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  • RAVE Coffee | Dad Review

    Rave Coffee is a coffee supplier that focuses in sustainable coffee and Eco-friendly products, in which they can supply coffee for Whole bean, Cafetiere, Filter and espresso-based pods, you can purchase these on their website as a one-off purchase or as a subscription option, to ensure you have a fill of coffee all year round! They have a selection of flavours and strengths so you can again choose what style of coffee that best suits you.

  • Gift Cards | Is it the Right Gift?

    Gift cards can be used for birthdays and Xmas and even used for rewards for a variety of occasions, many companies use them, even digital purchases online like gaming, Itunes etc use cards, these can often be an easy gift or quick solution, but also can be a useful thing if people are saving for things, but with Xmas approaching, are they the right Gift?