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Concrete Genie is an exclusive Playstation 4 game that has VR capabilities with the use of the PSVR Headset and Move controllers, its available both disk and Digitally but has also been a PS plus game recently, its a very different game and follows the story of a Bullied Kid.

We don’t have the PSVR so the review wasn’t based on that side of the game but if you own one then its a great addition to your library, however being PS Plus members we are often on the lookout for games that are a bit different or something that we were keen to try that we perhaps haven’t got round to buying it.

This one was one of those games, I remember seeing it a while ago and thought that’s pretty and forgot about it, so we saw a trailer and bang I remembered, Tigger is a little bit of an artist, he loves to draw etc so as we were watching it I knew he would want to try it.

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What they say

“Concrete Genie is a game about Ash, a young boy who is bullied but discovers a magical paint that might save his home town, A personal, heart-warming journey, you take the role of Ash, an isolated and bullied teenager, who has discovered he has the ability to cleanse his ever-polluted town with creations he paints and brings to life. but that’s just the start of it! Concrete genie is truly about ash’s personal journey – one that players will share, but more importantly, relate to on a human and emotional level.

2 separate game modes – VR adventure and VR Free Paint mode. free Paint: players will take the magical painting mechanic from the main game and use this to Paint in a first-person perspective with motion controllers.VR adventure: an immersive experience unique to VR and Approximately 45 minutes – unlocked after completing the main game’s opening section”

What Tigger Says

“Concrete Genie is a game all about a boy who paints, there are three different modes which includes the main story, free paint and VR Experience. In the main story mode, we get to meet and also get to play as Ash, who is an Artist who gets bullied all the time, when his bullies destroy his sketchbook and scatter his work all over town, Ash has to set off to find his lost pages, he gets to paint huge life lif drawings which also come to life.

Free Painting is all about different creatures and gets to create them all over the Denska, the Vr Experience needs to VR headset, I like this game because I get to create different pictures and creatures.”

Its a slightly open-world game n the sense that you can go round the city in the free play looking for places to design and create, and the more you do the more you unlock, there’s some excellent designs and colours, the game feels a little dark and dusky but that’s the clever thing of it, it enhances the designs etc more as they can be very bright and theatrical in comparison. The game is simple enough and Tigger was hooked by the story.


It is a different game, and its got a good story in the sense it portrays the kid being bullied and trying to respond positively, he uses an outlook and puts it into his art and creativeness, you have to overlook the graffiti side of the game as no doubt some people might have an opinion about it, but it’s done in a clever almost magical way, personally, the game is fine, Tigger enjoyed it a lot and completed the main story relatively fast as he was engrossed by it, so or something a little different it’s worth looking into.

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