Diary From A Dad | January 2023

As each month goes by my Diary from a Dad looks at what’s happening with our little family, through all the adventures, challenges and obstacles that come to our lives. As a family of 5, with 3 children of different ages every day, week and month can offer something different. With January here and the start of a new year its often a time of reflection planning and changes, but how did we get on?


Calm after the storm

After such a busy time of year, especially from September to December, and let us be honest even summertime isn’t quiet, January is such a flip on all of this, with birthdays, seasonal, events, busy busy busy January essentially becomes a stop, and really did. But we do this deliberately, like many we are low on money after Xmas, both our Blogs are quieter than normal as are many companies that Boo in particular works with, they shut down over Xmas and then doesn’t really kick in that fast afterwards, so we often use their time to reset.

Monster Trucks

With only one event planned of significance, a trip to London and the O2 to see Hot wheels monster trucks live was a nice change, something we haven’t done before and a bit different for the kids. I come from that era when Monstart trucks became popular and were well known so for me it was great, and even though ti was loud…obviously…the kids still enjoyed themselves.


At Xmas I became ill, I had a cold etc that wasn’t going around just before Xmas and eventually got to me, it wasn’t so much of a cough but it was all about my Sinus, I couldn’t hear out of the right ear and barely out of the left, the fact the rest of me was blocked as well meant I took a trip to the doctors, but a Sinus infection etc put me down a bit, as January went on I felt better and thankfully the kids were fine, this was until the end of the month when everyone became ill, except me, but more on that one next month.

Roos exams

With not a lot happening this month, a quiet reset of the month there was still one big thing happening, Roo and her Exams, we were now weeks to months away from her start of the exams, and this month saw the results of Mocks from December, as you know kids do mocks to prep and her school seemingly do this fairly regularly in the last two years of the high school, and of course these were the biggest ones as this was based on previous tests and treated like that, to ensure kids are prepped on the experience and gauge where they are at.

For Roo, on the whole, it was good, I won’t go into the grading system in detail as many parents will know these have changed several times and the current numbers etc…is a little confusing. However she did well, it was really high marks because ultimately it’s a different paper, set of questions, and also they haven’t been taught everything yet, but for her, you can see what subjects have been her strength and weakness. Throughout the exams, she was saying what she felt went well and what didn’t, and you could see that come through in the results.

So with the results we talked through the plan and the subjects, Boo had a chat with teachers on parents’ evening about the results etc. This is the last push, this is what I keep reminding her, it’s not forever, it life-threatening or changing, its one last push to get the best result she can, something she can be happy with, and then she can focus on areas and subjects that she has an interest in.

Next month

February will be a bit more back to normal, half term, valentines day, pancake day, hopefully, some trips out and more family time, roll on.


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