Toys that I love that come full Circle

I’ve noticed as I’ve got older the toys I once loved as a child seem to come full circle, not all of those beloved childhood toys that provide so many memories have come back but certain Films, TV programs, characters have been redone or become popular.

What i was young boy

When I was a boy I loved He-man (why hasn’t it been redone and popular!) I also loved Transformers, Turtles, lego, Jurassic Park, GhostBusters. These have been remade as films or programs or just a new version of the toy, but the great thing about all of this?! Toys have been redone!

Even from a collectors point now, theres wholes ranger of toys that are essentially the same as the original, and thats the point of them, there collectable. People want that nostalga from the toy when they were young, there not going to play with these ones there going to sit on a display or something.

But for thos remakes that are more playable toys there available, Tigger likes these so when it comes to birthdays, Christmas, special events Its time to buy toys! And even better than this, people know he likes these, he gets them as presents! So I get to play with these all over again as I entertain and spend quality time with Tigger and Roo.

So I wonder what else would we all want to be remade Or relaunched? , there are definitely things that I know about that isn’t my exact type of thing, Barbie, cabbage dolls, Tamagotchi, care bears, she-ra, my little pony, a variety of Disney princess dolls and toys that are everlasting. But what do you want to be remade, become popular, and rebuy for Roo(and play with)?

Tazoos? Pogs? GI JOE? Army men are everlasting, aren’t they? Same with hot wheels I’m pretty sure? Boglins? Even thinking now so many more have been redone, Mr. Frosty, Furbys, trolls, hungry hippos, Mr Potato Head., there are many more that will no doubt come full circle of a variant of.

Moral of the story?

The moral of the story? It’s great being parent playing games or toys that you use to play when you were little and rebuying them for the “Kids”



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