Half Term Film Fun at Low cost

Half term holidays can be a challenge, not only to entertain the kids but to keep it at an affordable cost. Some of the week we had things planned like utilizing our Merlin passes at the local SEALIFE Centre for example. Kids would do things around the house play games etc. and ofcorse seeing family.

The Film Fan in us

But we are big film fans and I decided to take advantage of the meerkats 2 for 1 on Tuesday and Wednesday. But looking into it further I found out the Odeon does a kids club. As cinema’s go I do like Odeon cinemas a lot, however, they are normally more expensive than some of the other cinemas local to us, and I can’t justify the hike in the price of just a normal film or kids Film. But as they were doing any film for £5 it was the right choice. 

Day 1 with Tigger

So Tuesday, Tigger and I set off to watch Spiderman into the spider verse at 10 am, this was a kids club so it cost us £2.50 each!  Which was a pleasant surprise as I didn’t know what the price was for the Kids Club, We are huge Marvel fans so we’re looking forward to it and it turns out that is the best Spiderman film I’ve ever watched! It really was a great film and both Tigger and i thoroughly enjoyed it, he still talks about it now

So after our packed lunch, prepped for it at home ready lol, we went for the next film. So with Odeon doing any film for £5, I used our meerkat 2 for 1! so this made the price £5 in total, we decided to watch lego movie 2. Tigger and I are massive Lego fans, and really enjoyed the first one. It was ok, I prefer the first one myself, Tigger liked the character Rex and still had a good time

Day 2 with Roo and Tigger

So after day one, we had spent £10 and I and Tigger had spent most of the day out. On day 2 we had Roo with us, she wasn’t as interested in the first films as we so spent time with her friends. But on day 2 she wanted to come. 

We went to the odeon again as it was still £5 for any film. To be honest I treat myself to a coffee at the Costa as I was tired and hadn’t brought a drink for myself but only for the kids. We decided to watch “the Kid who would be king”, but the only dilemma is we had used our meerkats 2 for 1, so boo used her network of friends and managed to get a second code for us. The film was surprisingly good, the kids really enjoyed it but actually I didn’t mind it. 

Keeping costs low

Of course, there are things you can do during the half-term week that cost no money, I realise that, and we did some. But this was a great way to break up the week and take advantage of offers and have those special moments. To me, whether I was really young or even now, going to the movies is still a special thing to do. one of our favourite things to do and the kids really enjoyed the 2 days. 

Price will change, at the time we did these days the price was a good level, and no doubt change in the future, however, there will always be an opportunity to play the deals and prices. That’s what you need to be looking out for in my opinion, that’s what we did.


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