Diary From A Dad | July 2022

As each month goes by my Diary from a Dad look at what’s happening with our little family, through all the adventures, challenges and obstacles that come to our lives. As a family of 5, with 3 children at different ages every day, week and month can offer something different. It was July, Summer holidays begin! hooray….oh and I had COVID.


Diary of Summer Holidays?

Its the summer Holidays! well, the kids were winding down their time at school, it was Roo’s last full year as she will be approaching the last year with Exams, so with her mock results coming into what she wanted, she could plan the summer holidays, while also finishing a few days before the others.

Speaking of which the Monday and Tuesday of the final week saw those silly temperatures with the weather, locally it got to 38 etc. and we felt it was too high for the kids to be In classrooms, especially as both schools were putting in no precautions for the weather which was odd. So all 3 missed those days and for Roo that meant she was done. However, both Piglet and Tigger returned to school for the final days.

Finishing School

Piglet was moving up to year two and had her trial days there, while this month saw Tigger do his trial days at his new High school, something I’ve talked about before being apprehensive etc because of the way he is. However, having Roo with him on buses etc meant I was more confident as she is a little more “street smart” than him.

Things seemed to go well with some of his friends going to the school, but we reiterated to him its a chance to make new friends etc as it’s all a bit of a reset, his leavers Assembly was back at his current school, which he took it in his stride, Roo attended it as both Boo and I were not able to….why you ask?….


COVID, after over 2.5 years of neither one of us catching COVID, we found ourselves with it, we attended an activity in London at the weekend and this was the only logical place we could have caught it from. Luckily the kids didn’t get it, but even though both Boo and I have had jabs etc.. we both got wiped out from it, both had slightly different symptoms and slightly different lengths of having it.

But it looked like it was one of the newer mutations as I was positive for over a week which is a long time, let alone i still feel rough now, and seemingly going to be a round for a little while yet.

Tough Start to Summer

Unfortunately, it put a downer to the end of the month and has affected going into this month, both of us were off from work and couldn’t spend much time with the kids, we stayed away etc, and ofcorse meant we couldn’t do anything. However, going into August with some things planned hopefully we can catch back up on stuff. Roo got new glasses and a trip to Go Ape for the kids finished off the month well, even though both Boo and I were struggling but at least negative.


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