Christmas 2023

Christmas 2023, annually Christmas is always a big event for us, It is right at the busy time of year for us with Birthdays, events, Christmas, school, work etc… this year was no different and to add to this was a new house which threw different obstacles at us.

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Cost and Money

If I’m honest because of the unexpected cost of moving recently, this year meant it would be a bit tight and we had to be far more careful with plans etc, don’t get me wrong we normally don’t have money lol, but we budget and save to ensure that the kids birthdays and Christmas were special. This year we combined the main birthday present and the main Christmas present from us, (not Santa) so each of the children got for their Birthday their main present, something they wanted.

This year then meant that Christmas presents would be smaller but more volume, something we like to do anyway as in my opinion, it’s always better for kids to see several presents as opposed to one or two larger ones.

Days out

But before we get to Christmas day, being that time of year some events for Boo’s work, of course, happened, a couple of more local events were the kid’s particular highlights, The hippodrome Circus in Great Yarmouth holds special shows during the year and one of their annual ones in the Christmas spectacular, have a variety of acts including a special water spectacular which is the only one in the country that can do this, is something the kids love to see.

The other one we enjoy is the trip to Thursford in Norfolk, this has a famous Christmas Show, which is well known within the UK and has coach trips from all over the country to attend, last year we were lucky enough to visit, and it is special, some people go every year and perhaps for me it’s a little much to do that, so this year not attending the show was fine. However, within the grounds, they have a huge indoor Christmas display and Santa visit embedded within their normal yearly displays. They also have the annual Thrusford Lights, which are very special and worth seeing.


As I mentioned earlier we recently moved house, historically we are those people who go fairly all out for Halloween and Christmas, but the house was different, the outside the room layout etc.. so for Christmas where things go both in and out of the house was going to be different. I was especially keen not to do too much as we were still getting our bearings with the house. On the outside, I did a small white light display focusing around the door and a small amount on the grass, much less than normal.

Inside the house we had a Christmas Tree, something we had been chasing for the last few years from a local garden centre, luckily last year I got it in the Christmas sale finally! but we really were looking at these same three for a while. The girls dealt with the decorations within the house and did well, no doubt they will tweak in the future as like me they were used to where things go.


Food! is something that Roo and I take charge of, well this year we saw an Aldi open up a lot closer, so as I drive past it every day to pick up Piglet it has been added to our weekly shopping mix, we’ve shopped there in the past in other locations but with my Discount in Tesco, location of Sainsbury with Nectar offers and Food warehouse location near us, I’ve always played the deals, this year though was going to be a more Aldi Christmas to give them a chance.

With Xmas Day sorted with Beef and Gammon this year, Both From Teco with my discount, Aldi filled the rest, while Christmas Eve was a “fish and chips night”, and Boxing Day was our annual party food day, this year via Sainsbury’s Nectar points offer.

As you can imagine the rest of the month was busy as I detailed in the Diary From a Dad, Boo’s Birthday, Cinema trips, days out, Work etc.. but in reality, it was a lot of family time which was really nice this year, something I always need. Who knows what next year will be like, a different house? food, decorations? family time…who knows, as long as we spend time together we will be fine.


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