13 Board Games for Kids + Giveaway

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Board games for kids, over the years many toys and activities have come and gone, but board games have stayed around, they have stayed close to all our hearts but kids have always enjoyed them. They have changed many times, updated versions, and different brands, some have stayed around seemingly since the beginning of it all, but why? which ones are still good now? let’s explore.

Board games for Kids

Board games For Kids

This list is full of classics, and modern-day gems, but there are also a few variants, and I’ve tried to limit them some games would have countless on the list, some are big names some a family favourites, but see what you make of them.

Guess Who

The classic favourite, the simple asking what the facial features are easier for kids to understand, with other brands tweaking the formula the simple guessing game is still popular for kids.


It’s arguably the biggest board game in history, and with certainly many many versions have been made, however where this is designed for older kids the younger kids can still play a junior version, they can enjoy it at more their level, but they can try different versions as they got older, everyone has owned one at some point.

Connect 4

Another classic, in reality, is actually a little bit educational, as you look for patterns and count to 4 for the younger ones, with subtle strategies and quick play it’s still good to play even as you get older.

Pop up Pirate

The classic that is another game that has many different versions, the simple process of popping a dagger into a barrel until one triggers the popping pirate, but even seen different versions of characters etc come along, even Buckaroo and all those variants were similar.

Pig Goes Pop

Now Pig Goes Pop is essentially similar to Pop-Up Pirate, and why have I written about it? well in our household we had this one, it was played many times. Basically filling the pig with food until it pops, like pop up the really young children might be surprised by it but they quickly adapt to it.

Doh Nutters

Doh Nutters is one of those more modern-day games since the 2000s, essentially you put on a mask that’s an elephant, and you compete to pick up ringed doh-nutts, its a bit of silly fun and gets the kid a bit more active as opposed to just standing and rolling dice etc.


I’ll actually be honest, this game has probably lost its popularity, but for me, it’s one of the oldest games I remember and I have played it through times, since then though there are similar versions to this, like Bees in a Hive for example, but the dropping fun is good and adds a little bit of tactics to what you’re doing.

Top Trumps

Top Trumps have been around for an age and is possibly been played by most people at least once in their lives, it feels almost every pop culture and brand has been featured, thus its appeal is huge, it’s easy to travel and appeals to a variety of ages, its great and just looking at the stats and seeing whos the best is just as fun.

Snakes and Ladders

The classic is certainly for young kids and is still a favourite, very easy to set u and play, and for kids, they can get to grips very easily. Adults join in the fun with them, they know what’s happening and others are no advance of age, an older kid or younger one.

Throw Throw Burrito

Another more modern days game, similar to others has a few different versions out there, but the more popular Burrito is just some simple fun, however being the object is to throw young kids can be a slight issue, so using the age rating for the game is probably advised, especially in the house near breakables.

Gooey Louie

With more recent games the “a bit more gross games”…. have come along, whether its to do with toilets, Boogies, Poo, Dog poo, or whatever these slightly more crude games have become more popular, especially for younger kids who find it all a bit more fun than us. However this game is a little bit like the Pop-Up Pirate game, in which you are taking turns for something to happen, but hey it’s still fun.

Screwball Scramble

A classic, though perhaps not as popular as it once was, this more challenging game of getting marbles/balls around a maze the quickest is definitely still fun, and arguably a little competitive, you can even expand the maze with an add-on. Young kids may find this challenging, but it’s a good challenge and actually works on skills and patience.

Hungry hungry Hippo

Who hasn’t played this iconic game? like some of the others on the list its one of the more recognisable games, so much so it had many other officials and non-officials with different characters etc.. but the principle is the same, gather as many of your colour balls as you can, in a crazy blitz of fun and excitement.

With so many games to choose from for kids, and some with many different variants, in today’s modern technology world board games are still great fun, especially for the kids.

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