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Paw Patrol Mighty Pups | Save Adventure bay

Paw Patrol is the highly successful long-running program featuring Rider and Paw Patrol pups, all with their own unique personalities and abilities, in this case, this game is out on multiple platforms and is the biggest Gaming adventure for Paw Patrol and is set in the “Mighty pups” era of the Paw Patrol if you have watched the program or the films you will understand the evolvement of the Paw Patrol team.

Paw Patrol you say?

Like many households we are very familiar with the world of Paw Patrol, Roo was too big but she knows what they are, Tigger was at the end of that type of genre over the years but in reality, has watched many many episodes, and then there’s Piglet, who has watched and played with many Paw Patrol, we’ve had puzzles, games, Toys, Figures, Tv and films, so we are all very adverse to the world of Paw Patrol, we had the opportunity to play this game and in some ways, I was keen to see how it was and whether Tigger would enjoy it.

However after Tigger began to watch it Piglet would sit next to him and pretend, so her knowing Paw Patrol we thought we would try her on it….and Tigger is pushed to the side and Piglet is playing it, being a near 5 years old how would she get on?

What they say

“A meteor has fallen in Adventure Bay and now the PAW Patrol has been given spectacular superpowers. With the town in a mighty mess, the pups must use their new powers to set things right again. Pick your favourite pup and take on heroic challenges; each pup has their own unique abilities from Chase’s SuperSpeed to Marshall’s Mighty Heat, to take on a total of 13 missions and 4 additional mini-games, including Pup Pup Boogie! Featuring iconic locations from the show and TV-style mission briefings, families can play together in co-op mode for the PAWfect entertainment activity this holiday!

Embark on a super-heroic mission with the Mighty Pups and Chase’s Super Speed, Marshall’s Mighty Heat, Skye’s Whirlwind Power and the whole mighty PAW Patrol team. Explore the town and journey to Jake’s resort, Tracker’s jungle and beyond. With a whole town to help out and 2-player co-op fun, Adventure Bay has never been so interactive!”

What the kids said

Normally this bit would be Tigger…but actually Piglet played it more than him lol so it’s a little bit of both. “I like playing it because it has the paw patrol, I love playing with chase and sky but I can choose any of them. I found it easy to play and understand what we have to do, each paw patrol has different powers tose in the game and some things mean I have to use that paw patrol, I like to collect the doggy treats.”

Ultimately your there to save adventure bay, but you are playing a normal platform game going through the levels, you can use different paw patrol at different times and in COOP you can both play, it will clearly show you what paw Patrol member to use and how to do that particular puzzle with the controller.

It will show the controller up on the screen so the kid can follow it, which is a great way to teach them, the graphics are fine, the voices and images are very close to the program and film, so the child can understand it far better whilst playing, the controls up simple enough as is the puzzle.


I’ve sat and watched the kids play, and in particular, Piglet, for hours and I was impressed in how the game was and how Piglet picked it up, in reality, it’s designed for those ages between 3/4 and 8/9 sand depending on the game level of that child may be earlier than 9, they might pick it up and play but it is limited for them, however, this is not for them, kids that love paw patrol, that loves adventure style games will love it, and for me, those younger kids who are newer to games like Piglet will find this really good.

There’s enough going on for a simple challenge but how it’s done and the help with the control icons and the symbols for the paw patrol makes it easier enough to play along with. Graphically it’s fine and looks good to what you would expect from Paw Patrol TV/Film, so the kids will naturally be affiliated towards it, it’s a solid purchase for fans of the franchise.

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