Diary of our COVID 19 Lockdown | April 2021

Last year in March I decided to do a Lockdown Diary, these were weekly but with the return to a bit more normality, kids back to school everything starting to open, I moved it to Monthly, and with us still in Lockdown each month was continuing through our journeys. With April upon us and now a full year in this lockdown style rules it was Easter, but with dates coming up, numbers continuing to drop and more Vaccines happening there is a sense of optimism for many.

Easter Time

With schools and the kids getting into there day to day rhythm nothing really happened for them, but it was Easter Holidays and even with their stop-start return to school was going ok, they were back to having 2 weeks off again …great but after last years terrible Easter in which let’s be honest the country didn’t really celebrate Easter that much, this year saw a little resurgence,

Working in a shop I could see the amount of Easter stuff bought and was a lot more compared to last year. Looking at social media it definitely seemed more people were celebrating perhaps because of the optimism with coming out of lockdown, and certain parts of it.

In our house we only buy a small number of Eggs, family normally buys them and the kids aren’t overly fussed about lots of chocolate, we tend to get some bargains (none this year though), just to keep up, but we buy them a present instead, largely because their birthdays are near Xmas, so they go about 10 months with nothing, so this breaks it up a little.

On the day we opted for mystery boxes so they could get a different selection of goods, I’ve done lots of mystery boxes reviews on the site and they can be very good, as for chocolate we did a mini easter hunt in and outside of the house, which Piglet especially enjoyed.

The weather has finally begun to turn! so much so we managed to enjoy some outside fun and some icecreams! this also meant for me I need to start finishing the garden prep, our grass isn’t always great, especially living on a new estate means often the soil just below the service isn’t great, and you either start again or time will slowly make it ok, but it will never be great.

Let alone as mentioned last year I have problems with the bushes out the front as a mysterious issue with two patches of the long bush meant those patches died, and I’m still unsure how to resolve the problem, even with trimming down to the base. We still have some plans for both the front and back garden but for obvious reasons everything is paused while we concentrate on finances with still a drop in our income at the moment.

Money is still an issue but we continue to take each month at a time, with balancing the kids, Work,blog etc both Boo and I are just ploughing on with it, Its been a rough year and a bit but we will just see how it looks by the end of the year. What we didnt plan was the washing machine going wrong, and sorting this out which took over two weeks caused a headache, a family of five produces alot fo washing and being down for that long was not great, let alone using Laundrettes that have difficult times around people who work.

Next Month?

Next month is May, more things open up, more vaccines, and hopefully, numbers stay low, all of this no doubt will mean people are getting back to normal, I’m taking the month as it comes and I’m still feeling very low, but hey it can only get better right?

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