Don’t Let Those Appliances Let You Down: What You Need To Remember

Don’t Let Those Appliances Let You Down: What You Need To Remember, As technology advances so do the way we run our homes. Gone are the days that we would hand wash clothes and scrub them to get clean. Or wash our pots in a tub of hot water placed over a roaring fire to get them clean. Of course, I’m going way back here, but we have come a long way since then. Dishwashers will clean out pots and pans for us.


A washing machine will ensure our clothes are clean. Iron to make clothes presentable, ovens to make meals in a matter of minutes instead of hours. Our household appliances now make things much more convenient for us. But yet, if we don’t take care of them, they will let us down far quicker than we expect. So I thought it was worth sharing with you a few things to remember to ensure you prolong the lifespan of those essential household appliances. 

Make sure you clean them

When it comes to our general daily appliances, cleaning tends to be what they do. A washing machine and even a dishwasher can be two of the most used appliances in your home. But yet, do we clean the appliances that we expect to clean for us? Not as often as we should, I can assure you. I suppose the general opinion would be that water is involved in these products’ lives day in and day out, so naturally, they would be clean anyway, right? Wrong!

It’s not just the general areas of the appliances that need cleaning, but it is the pipes that can affect the water that is used to clean your items. A great tip would be to use a cleaner in the system every month, this tends to run through the pipes and removes built-up limescale or bacteria. Making your appliances much more efficient. 

 Protect them against hard water

A lot of homes today can be in areas that are subject to something called hard water. For those that are unaware, water is filtered through limestone and chalk made up of magnesium. It removes bacteria from the water but then it can dissolve the ions of these minerals. This could mean things like calcium and magnesium in the form of sulphates, bicarbonates, and chlorides make the water “hard.”

This all happens at the filtering station before the water even gets to your home. While it can often be fine to drink, it can cause damage to appliances. So it’s essential to have a water softener system in place if you live in an area that is subject to hard water. Just doing a bit of research online will unearth the best water softener to use. 

Get them regularly serviced

We regularly take a vehicle to be serviced and checked over. We may even check over our houses and the building side of things to ensure all is safe and secure. But our appliances don’t get the same TLC and they really should. Potential breakdowns could be avoided if your appliances like a washing machine or even your heating system are checked over. 

Stick to the manufacturer’s guidelines

Finally, try and stick to the guidelines set in manuals. Don’t overload your appliances and make them work harder than necessary. In the short term, this might not be an issue, but in the long term, it could affect the overall performance. 

I hope this helps you take better care of your household appliances.


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