Halloween 2023

Halloween 2023! It’s that time of year when we celebrate all things spooky and eat lots of candy and sweets, but it sits in the middle of my favourite time of year but also the busiest. However, this year’s curve ball was that we moved recently so how did we get on?

Traditionally we are the type of people who go all out over Halloween, we add to our decorations every year, especially in the sales etc. Over the last few years, we’ve lived in area where a lot of people do trick or treat, so this also adds to us making this a big thing every year.

We Moved

This year was different, we had recently moved and had no idea what the local area was like, we live near a park but we are also not on the main stretch, almost to the side so we were literally clueless. To add to this further all build up week we didn’t see lots of houses decorated, there were a couple on the main part that went to the extreme, these were awesome and really original but that was it.


A small display with our inflatable arch led the way, it actually works better with this house due to the flat front while sticking out at the front of the house. We have 5 big windows at the front and focused a bit more on those displays but again we kept everything minimal. I’m growing to love Neon signs instead of LED, so having one in Piglet’s window topped it off.

In the house we are growing Gonks…the girls have a lot for Xmas, more on that another day, but suddenly Halloween ones are growing, more so over our animated singing soft toys. Every year we try to add to our decorations with sales, and this was no different, The nightmare before Christmas collection expanded while a couple of other more unique things we bought in prep for next year.

Halloween food

Our normal celebration Dnner and the family split for the evening happened, I normally do a party-style dinner to celebrate while Roo and I do the trick or treat at the door, and Boo takes Tigger and Piglet out for their Trick or teat. This year’s food was partly Aldi with Chicken Spiders and Pumpkins, Waffle Fries (spiderwebs) Troll toes (thick sausage with cheese) and Cheese sticks. For dessert include ghost cheesecakes from Iceland/Foodwarehouse

Onto Next

It may feel like a muted Halloween, and this next year of many of these seasonal celebrations might do, but as ever we pulled together and got on with it.


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