Simple Tips To Market Your eCommerce Business

Starting an online store can be both exciting and worrying. The first few sales that happen can bring a high, but you might find yourself struggling to maintain momentum after that. Like with all businesses, there are highs and lows, but what you do during the lows can change your profits in the future. 
How you market your eCommerce store, whether on your own website, selling through your blog, or choosing to launch WooCommerce with 1 click, will make a huge impact.


Email list

Your email list is one of the most important things you have when it comes to selling more and more often. If all of the social media channels went down, you would be able to communicate with your customers through your email list. 

It is an invaluable source of communication and one of the most effective marketing tools. 

Building your email list should be a focus for you, and maintaining it with regular newsletters and updates keeps you fresh in the minds of previous customers and those who are considering buying from you. 

That top-of-mind position is essential. 


What do you offer potential customers and current customers that is of value to them? Creating content keeps your website updated, which signals to the search engines that you are relevant. 

And while it is important that you create regular content, what is in the content is more important. You should be looking to create content that offers value to your readers. 

What will they learn from it? Is there a whitepaper or a download for them? What further resources can then be taken away? 

Aside from having value, you should keep in mind that your content should be carefully created to meet your SEO goals. 

Social Advertising 

People spend thousands of hours on social media – and you can spend time with them, sort of. Look at your strongest performing social media channels, and then dig down into which of your social posts performed the highest. 

Once you have these metrics, you can create social media advertisements that will directly impact your potential customers. 

In general, video works better than a static image, and you are more likely to get shares and engagement with storytelling or something emotive. However, product demonstrations are incredibly useful too. 


Collaborations can be some of the most powerful marketing you can get – you can increase your audience by double when you get it right. Partnering with a company that has a similar ethos or similar (but not the same) audience can help you reach a market you might’ve considered out of reach. 

Co-sponsoring events, coming out with bundles of products, offering unique or limited options, or even a joint podcast can help you double down on the efforts. You can use this at any place in your funnel. 

You can also collaborate with influencers who have an audience that might be interested in your product. Depending on your agreement, the influence can hand complete control, partial or none, and you gain access to their already highly engaged audience. 
It can be fun to have a goal for your eCommerce business income, like kitting out a gaming room: How To Create The Ultimate Gaming Room For Your Kids.


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