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As a family, they can share many activities and interests, in our household, one of the things we like to do is read, and with several age groups spanning all 3 kids and Boo, this covers quite a lot of different books and different attitudes towards reading and books, one of the places we have used is Books2Door.

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We have often used Books2Door website to help look at what books are good and ideal for the kids, they still enjoy the classic book and Tigger, in Particular, enjoys to the original way of reading books. We have shown him the website and he also helps to choose what books he likes, the site is easy to use and breaks down in age groups, price, genre whatever, and it allows us to see perhaps more than what a shop would give us. The ability to have books delivered to the door is very useful, and his latest books he’s reading is the box set of the Horrible histories, which is hugely popular both in book for and TV show, if you haven’t ever read them it’s clever in using actually facts but in a fun but educational way, and with their little unique spin on it all the kids can still enjoy it even though they are learning actually facts through the years of history.



So a big shocker in the post, I’m not a reader… I never have been, I’m much more of a tech person and even popular books that I would like such as Game of Thrones, LOTR, Harry Potter etc. I would always rather sit and watch it on TV/Cinema than sit and read, as close as I got to reading is Comics,  but even with them, I’m not hugely bothered about reading it.

The Readers

However Boo is a reader, to be honest for many years she didn’t get much chance to read, between work, kids etc… she didn’t really spend that much time reading, and our book collection for her was poor, most of them were kids lol, but since she had a kindle, like many people she has had access to many books now and is able to read as much as she likes, and that’s what she likes to do, her rest time while I’m gaming or something is her reading time.

Roo, is arguably the biggest the reading, that was until we moved 4 years ago, there are 2 reasons for that, one was the school she changed from suddenly put a lot less focus on it, her previous schools were all about and keep charts etc on it, but her new school was less bothered, the tools were there but they didn’t enforce anything, or even mention that much. With this, our own motivation slowed and thus we weren’t really managing or pushing her to keep up with it, so ver time and now in High School, it all fell by the side. However before 10, she was a strong reader, far more at the age group compared to the other two, she would read every night and complete books quite quickly, so now we have gone for a kindle for her, this is largely because as a Teenager her taste in books etc is ever-changing so this allows us to keep up with it far more, she can even wishlist, she may well be still resisting a little as teenagers do but she’s beginning to get back into the rhythm.

Tigger was actually the reverse of Roo, for the first few years I would say he was less interested in reading for a variety of reasons, and ourselves we didn’t really follow it up, ironically his school at the time wasn’t huge about it, and then joining the same school as Roo the same problem, however, he did perform better than almost everyone in his class, he was actually reading when they weren’t bothered in his class, thus we continued it at home, far more than Roo, he reads every night and enjoys it, he gets really into it, Roo might show resilience but with Tigger? he was all in and you can see his facial expressions and will laugh etc while reading, he’s a big drawer and I think at times these have gone hand in hand.

Piglet is obviously still new to it all, being 5 she reads, kind of… as she will have looked at those very early books that doesn’t really have much reading, mainly pics… but she is very much a girl that likes to be involved, so seeing the other two sitting reading more now she wants to sit with them and read, again reading is a slight exaggeration but she is slowly beginning to look at those words etc, hopefully, she will follow the path of Tigger and get into it.


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