Netflix for a Family of 5

As a family, we have several devices in the house that can stream, whether it be our tablets, Ipads, or TVs. We utilize these to play multiple streaming services including Netflix. Every day one of us will have it on at some point.

Each one of us.

Piglet enjoys using her Ipad mini, we also have sky Q, and now with the inclusion of Netflix in there system, it’s made it easier for her. She enjoys traditional series’s like Peppa pig, trolls, and has been enjoying a range of films. She has really been enjoying the Shrek films recently. Because the app is easy to use on the Ipad mini, she can operate it easily.

Tigger also has the app on his tablet, this is where he watches most of the time, of course, if it’s on in the lounge he will sit with Piglet and watch what she is watching. He enjoyed the Skylanders series, Lego, and captain underpants which he watched both series from start to finish when they came on. There is also a good selection of films for him, but to be honest he doesn’t have time to watch a film on his own I’m his tablet normally.

Roo is an early teenage girl, she has just moved on recently from those slightly younger films like the other two, and now starting to watch a range of teen series and films, she has a sky Q box in her room so she will often watch something on her TV. She is branching out into other more older films, but to be fair to her she has been sensible with it, the threat of telling her that we can see everything she watches on her account maybe has helped her.

Boo likes her period dramas, whether they be the older ones that were on BBC or the older films. Or the Crown, which she has watched three times now up to the current series. She will watch the odd other film but recently she has begun to put things on in the background while she is doing work, which has increased her range.

I watch generally anything, I’ve enjoyed Altered Carbon, Making a Murderer, Stranger Things, Bright, to a classic like Alan Partridge, or even animated series like Bojack, Archer or Rick and Morty. But I’ve watched all sorts of things and TV series, I’m not fussed as like as it grips me fairly quickly. I watch a fair bit in my lunch at work as I use the download option of my tablet.


Having the options of accounts and has made this so much easier, as our devices will save the last account used. And often we are using our own devices to watch our own things. Only the lounge generally sees Boo and Piglet accounts used but it’s easier to flip.

So as a family we are fans of Netflix and streaming services, we fully take advantage of this nowadays and with the kid’s accounts, we are safe in what they watch. 


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