Lego 76208 | The Goat Boat

Lego 76208, The Goat Boat is a set based on the film Thor Love and Thunder, the set contains 564 pieces which include 5 minifigures and focuses on the 2 goats plus the Goat Boat. Its RRP is £54.99 and has exclusive parts and minifigures.

Lego 76208

Lego 76208

In many of the normal Marvel films, we tend to see one maybe two Lego sets from it, for this latest Thor Film this was the set of focus, maybe the film might not be held in such high regard as Thor Ragnarok but there were some highlights, the Goat Boat was definitely one of them. Being Fans of Marvel though, this was an obvious one to look out for so we were getting it anyway regardless of the film.


Thor has been tweaked a little bit through the years due to what he goes through but on the whole, he is pretty similar, this one though has a much brighter blue than the previous with more theatrical prints going on with his torso. The headpiece has become a stable now with normal one side and then a lightning-style one on the other, Stormbreaker is slightly tweaked from before and still looks good.

Mighty Thor

Jane foster is the Mighty Thor and without spoiling the film we will leave it there, however, she looks with her red cape like Thor, with her more reserved slightly traditional brown and grey print. Her headpiece also is double printed and they resisted the urge to use Padame, but they do you a helmet and hair combo which looks fantastic, however, removing the Helmet means she has no hair… With her is Mjolnir, and at this point still doesn’t have a proper model, just a generic hammer.


She’s now a king but as in the films she’s not afraid to still be combative, she is her black and silver print which looks good, however, her hairpiece is the standout and looks excellent, the facial print is fine but the blue cape helps her look.


Like Valyrie he has a double-printed face but weirdly they’re both kind of happy, however, the rest of him looks great with his own headpiece and print on his torso and legs, his gear is upped in the film compared to the previous and it is shown in this, a neck piece and gold weapon accompany him.


Unfortunately, Gorr is the weakest in minifigures, he’s not terrible but unfortunately, because of the look and performance from Christian Bale in the film you don’t get that feel from the minifigure, he looks like a slightly different mummy. However as Lego Minifigures go it’s fine, you understand who it is, a wrapped print torso with a grey face and yellow eyes looks ok.


The Goats themselves are made the same but with two different sets of colours, one with brown and back, the other with white and cream/yellow. They have a technic crosspiece in the centre to connect to the boat, but the size of the Goats shows the difference that they are not normal Goats, these screaming Goats are bigger but the design still clearly shows you what they are.

The Boat

This converted New Asgard Boat is used to travel with the help of the Goats and StormBreaker, which has a connection on the form to hold it in place, while the long rod comes out and connects to the Goats. The pure base of the boat is more Technic connections to add stability, while also raising the curved sides, Lego boats in the past are often moulded so this is nice to see.

But the boat overall is actually a little boring and not much to it, the sides with the shields are neat, and as I said the curved build is also good. the front of the boat has a dragon while the back has a curved angle piece up, the red and light brown are really good and even though it is a little boring and not much happening, the look of it is still great when you compared to more traditional Viking Esc boats.

There’s a small structure on the boat, which is used as their drinking shack in the film, it’s small and you don’t get the size you see in the film, a map of New Asgard, and a couple of bottles etc..make up the rest of the room, you can see all of this by the lapping Roof that can completely fold out open and close back, this is a really good idea and works really well.


The minifigures are good, Gorr is a little poor but that’s not Lego’s fault, I think if you compared it to the films its weak, the rest of them are fine, both Thors look good, Mjolnir is the only big disappointment and it’s such an important piece of the film that no extra special mould has taken place. The Goats look excellent, and work really well, connect great to the boat.

The boat itself is fine, looks good with the colours and comparison to a Viking Boat, maybe a tad boring but that’s the boat anyway so you can’t really knock it. The major problem is the price, £54.99 is really expensive, even in Marvel prices, this feels at least £15 more than it should be, there are only 500 plus pieces and that’s alot of small pieces as well, if you can get it cheaper then great, massive Marvel fans will love it, everyone else? no.


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