How to Plan the Ideal Hiking Holiday


Sometimes, there’s nothing that you want more than to get away from your busy life for a while and get back in touch with nature. Hiking is the perfect way to do this. A hiking holiday is exactly what it says on the tin, a holiday revolving around hiking.

How to Plan the Ideal Hiking Holiday

No matter your age or fitness level, walking is a brilliant exercise that improves your cardiovascular health, your mental health, and gives you an opportunity to explore some stunning countryside areas. Here are some ways to integrate hiking into your holiday.

Ways to integrate hiking into your holiday

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Plan Your Route

The most important thing to do is to plan your hiking route. Consider your fitness level and experience, as well as the other people with you. If this is your first hiking holiday or major hike, then pick routes that are less challenging. 

You should also download any maps onto your device and make sure that it’s well-charged. Getting lost is no joke, and it can be dangerous if you’re in an isolated area. A map will keep you from wasting time and will ensure that you have a great time.

Find a Base Camp

If you’re an experienced hiker and camper, then you might be able to camp on the go or travel between camping sites, depending on your local areas. However, another option is to find a base camp that’s in a convenient location for your hiking route or routes. 

A good middle ground is to use a caravan. A caravan is a great base camp, which is cheaper than a hotel, but more comfortable than a tent. You can get a mobile caravan, or look into Haven caravan sales to take advantage of the Haven caravan site whenever you want. 

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Be Properly Equipped

The most important thing to remember is equipment and clothing. If you’re just planning a short walk, your normal clothes will be okay. But if you plan to hike for a few hours or in difficult terrain, then you need to be prepared.

Hiking shoes or boots are sturdy and will keep your feet comfortable and healthy. Nobody wants a blister or a twisted ankle on a hike. You should also wear temperature-appropriate clothing, and always be prepared for rain. 

Bring water and snacks with you. If you have the map on your device and you are concerned about the battery power, then a battery pack can be helpful. A hiking backpack can be your best friend, especially on long treks. 

Be Flexible

Finally, it would be best if you were flexible with yourself and your family. Hiking is tiring, and things can happen. Have some backup routes or activities planned for if something goes wrong with your current plan. You should also be willing to have a rest day, as this can prevent injuries and burnout.

A hiking holiday allows you to explore a stunning area, and it’s incredibly satisfying when you can finish a route. If you’re flexible, then you can enjoy the holiday to its fullest.

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