The Best Gifts for Every Occasion

Gift-giving is a year-long joy or responsibility, depending on your perspective. Whether you are excited about the notion of finding the perfect gift that will bring a smile to your loved one’s face or experience dread at the mere thought of facing that task, you will surely find a great option on this list.  



Selecting personalised bathrobes is always on point when it comes to gift-giving. They are multi-purpose and always comfortable. Your recipient can wear it after a shower, over their pyjamas during a quick bathroom break with the family dog, or while working in comfort from their own home. Find the best style, material, and weight for their unique preferences. Add a special touch by having it monogrammed in their favourite colour. Bathrobes make useful presents for adults and children alike. You will find yourself going back time and again to this special idea.


The concept of digital currency is no longer unattainable. It has gained traction in many circles and is becoming widely understood and accepted. If you know of someone who is interested in dipping their toes in the digital waters but is hesitant to do so themselves, consider giving them cryptocurrency. Present the gift as a Paper Wallet. Set up a primer to explain how to access the cryptocurrency in addition to general management tips.


Sometimes a great gift is intangible. If your intended recipient appreciates delicious food, pay for an experience such as a cooking class with a renowned chef. Art aficionados and hobbyists will delight in a one-on-one painting class where they can learn new techniques.

Other options are to give them a gift to MasterClass where they can select their own class to take from a favourite expert. The classes range widely from diplomacy to singing and everything in between.  


Perhaps your giftee selflessly prefers to give to others. In that case, give a monetary donation to a charity of their choice and in their name. Combine the present with a scheduled time for you two to volunteer there together. This way, any money that you would have spent on a gift will go to a good cause, and you will reap the benefits of a shared experience of giving back. If you’re feeling extra generous, you could even set up a charitable foundation in their name with the help of private foundation management with Crewe Foundation Services or a similar service near you. This is a great idea if your giftee has a charity very close to their heart that they would appreciate being able to support for the rest of their life.

Language Education

Learning a new language is a gift that can stay with someone forever. There are a multitude of apps, in-person classes, and online courses from which to choose.

Here is a video offering you a critique of different online course offerings.



Add to any of these expertly selected gifts a few of the items they will use during the class in a specially curated gift basket. Present the gift with a printed certificate or card explaining what the gift is, and how they can access it, including gift codes, website information, and whatever else they may need.

Once you have found the best gift for your person, take a cue from the kids and top it off with something handmade. It will make a lovely presentation and show your heartfelt love.


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