Diary of our COVID 19 Lockdown | September 2020

Back in March I decided to do a Weekly Lockdown Diary with the kids and Boo all stuck at home, and myself still at work because I was classed as a key worker, and as the months ticked on buy we were slowly heading back to some sort of normality, the kids returned to school.

I still worked, and Boo was getting back to more of a routine, and this month I decided to move our weekly review to monthly, this was the end of Summer, we squeezed a couple of last-minute outings before the school returned.

The Month

This month has a couple more posts in detail on the site as I started after the kids went back,  but this month was a shifting month from optimistic and nervous at the beginning of the month with the kids returning to school, Piglet needed it as she craves that development and interaction with kids and school, she still young and was starting the long path, and the type of girl she is this is what she loves to do.

so thankfully even after a stuttering start, she was back, for her and these 4 and 5-year-olds, not a lot has changed, just some extra rules, with the lockdown stuff it hasn’t affected or been on their minds that much, but she loved being back.

Tigger is laid back like me, so he took to school very easily, and in reality, wasn’t bothered, either way, he settled down really quickly, he might not admit it but it was good for him to be back with his friends etc.

Roo was probably the most anxious of the kids, being at high school she had the most impacted school return, and she had a wobble with the day before and in particular, the morning, not all to do with the Lockdown issues, but of course this added to a normal high school first-day worries.

3 weeks in though and she’s been much better, it’s difficult for a teenage girl to not be around her friends for so long and getting back into this rhythm and social life has helped her settle down, school work is fine and she’s already been given some extra school responsibilities, something shes used too, and that vital routine is back.

With Boo and I getting back to our routine, this has allowed us to try and catch back up and continue with our blogs and have some downtime, though with everything that’s going on I’m still working lots, mainly for money as everything obviously is still a bit tight, thankfully we are in a better place than some we also skirting the line, with trying to sell our house on top of it all, it been tough, needless to say, people buying houses is random at the moment.


This month has been a frustrating month with many things that have gone on, I’m not one for my political opinions or voicing them out loud on social media, it’s often a dangerous place for opinions and people being influenced in political mentions etc, so I generally stay quiet, even with all of this I have done, surprising for someone whos a blogger/influencer but many people are panic worried and disgruntled and I don’t want to keep adding fuel to the fire.

I only go one what I have seen and being a key worker on continue to see things that frustrate me, people wearing masks have improved, I would say it is the best month of consistency I’ve seen with many of the regulars that I see, even some of those that were sketchy before.

But my biggest frustration this month is 12-24 years olds, I read that many student esc people were saying how can you blame the young etc..and I don’t think you can, every generation hasn’t worn masks but right now they are the biggest offenders, I’ve seen them come and go from school and social distancing and masks when coming in the shop is out of the door,

I live and work near several colleges and Uni’s so I see a lot of students, and many of them don’t wear masks in shops, it’s frustrating but I don’t think students can currently stand on the pedestal of not being blamed, they are part of the blame, as is everyone that doesn’t follow social distancing rules etc, there are people still not doing what they can, even though we have progressed back towards a lockdown again.


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