Lego 21302 The Big Bang Theory

Lego 21302 Lego set is from the Lego Ideas range in which Fans make sets and pitch them to Lego via a website, then fans can vote on them. Should they reach there voting Target it’s over to Lego to choose whether they wish to make it into an official Lego set, under the Lego Ideas range. This set won and with some tweaks, The Big Bang Theory Set was released as Number 10!

Lego 21302

As a fan of the TV series from the beginning, I was surprised and delighted that this was chosen. I have grown quite fond of the Lego ideas range due to the detail they tend to do. Seeing that all 7 main figures along with the iconic apartment are in tow I was eagerly looking forward to it, for us it would make a great display to honour the show.

The Build…

Bag 1 has 3 of the minifigures, Howard, Bernadette and Amy, these look great with very traditional style colours and designs for their characters. it also has the bare bones of the apartments with the walls and far corner layout. This corner has the bookcase desk and window that rarely ever gets covered in the series for whatever reason and the door that we never see inside. there were fine for us to do, the bookcase with the books are a good way to show books, I’ve seen it before and I don’t have any issues with this.

Bag 2 sees the other 4 remaining characters, Raj, Penny, Sheldon, Leonard, these also look good. Penny’s choice is probably the only one I would question, as it’s not necessarily the first thing I would say she would wear, however, the other 3 were spot on! even Sheldon’s Flash shirt would have been the choice I would have chosen, there’s so many other costume choices for all of these characters but to be honest its a great choice.

The rest of the build is the remainder of the apartment, including lots of decorations familiar to the series like the Helix, whiteboard, more books, science-related items. Tigger did find some of these more challenging but the age on the set is 12+, so I can understand, I had to help on much of this. The Couch and Chair take centre stage with a Chinese meal present, a meal the characters would often order and share, as a group.  I really appreciate these being a fan of the show, and in understanding the references.

Our Thoughts…

Overall this set is very good, the purpose of them sitting all around the couch and table eating Chinese captures the show in a nutshell,  its almost everything you would expect, even down to Raj’s dog, The design of the minifigures look great, aswell as all the little quirks related to the show. I would have preferred more walls and thus the extra details, you cant quite see the corridor going off, the door would have been nice on the left as personally, I don’t understand why the room wasn’t just a square, leaving the front open to see, I would have preferred left side wall and door over the kitchen.

The level of detail is excellent but it wouldn’t have taken much more to do the side, it’s not a hugely expensive set and like a few other sets it would be acceptable to pay that little bit more. The Price of the set is acceptable to what you get, if you didn’t want more and you are happy with the detail then fine it’s good, and I don’t blame you as it’s still a great display item, perhaps not playable.


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