Lego 75233 Star Wars Droid Gunship

Lego 75233 star wars Droid Gunship is not the first version of the Gunship but is the latest, it has 389  pieces including 4 minifigures.

I am a fan of the clone wars era, much because of the series not so much of the films. Tigger has begun to get more into this as I’ve given him the BluRay of the series. I didn’t buy the Gunship last time so I had to jump at the chance, though its retail price was £54.99. Tigger did much of this build. 

lego 75233

The Build

In Bag 1 sees the first mini-figure Yoda, his figure is great due to his mouldered head, but he’s also been the same for a little while now. The main part of the Gunship is a circle, so this bag is generally about building the circular platform with stickers. 

Bag 2 continues to build more do the main circle part, the inclusion of lego technic pieces adds stability. This is mainly hidden underneath along with the firing mechanism, this gets completed but this is a little fiddly to make, and I had to help Tigger at this point. They work like pistons and it will fire the rockets for play. 

Bag 3 has the two Kashyyyk battle droids, these are the standard build, for many owners they probably made hundreds at this point lol. But these have a different design on them, which to be honest is a welcome changed. The beginning of Droid brain is made now which includes antennas guns etc.. This attaches by technic again for sturdiness. 

Bag 4 sees the final mini-figure Tarfful, there are not many Wookies with names and elevated characters so often they don’t have their own design etc. But this is arguably the better design of a Wookie than Chewbacca has been in the past. A lot of effort into the head mould as well as the colours and designs on the rest of him. The cockpit is the final major piece which has room to fit one of the droids, though laying down. 


Overall it’s a great remake, people who miss out before having a great chance to rebuy, and in battles etc.. Gunships are a must. The build was fine and generally straight forward. Beings ship I would have preferred it slightly bigger to fit the mini figures better, but it would be more money. However! At the price I think it’s a tad expensive, this isn’t worth buying the set at full price, it’s still a small set in general, but this is a great addition if you choose to. It has good play retention for kids and relatively sturdy. 


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