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Board games can be and have been a family tradition for many over the years, it’s one of those toys and activities that have been around for a long time and even with the changes, still get played. We are one of those families that play board games, especially the kids.

Monopoly Gamer Board Game

As we grew up

Let’s be honest board games in all their different incarnations have been around for many many years, we’ve all played them at some point and all have favourites. Growing up Boo and I have also played a fair amount of Board Games, even when we lived together before the kids we would play the odd gam like Monopoly, Game of Life etc.

For me, I played them at an early age as you did with other kids, of course in the 80’s board games and these types of fun were a bigger thing than perhaps today, gaming was still in its infancy and most kids played with either board games or toys and that was it. Kerplunk, Monopoly, Pop up pirate, snakes and ladders among others and different versions of some of these were games that I played and enjoyed.

David Walliams Gangsta Granny Board Game

The kids join in with Board Games

With the kids since Roo came along over 15 years ago, we have been increasing our range of board games and the time we actually played. With Tigger and Piglet coming along this continued, our selection of board games that have come and gone is silly to think about how many. Even right now in the house, we have possibly 30+.

If you think about those big shops like Toys R Us, and Smyths toys you could see the scale of range and variety, and think further that with the concept of a game, there will be many different versions. Look at Monopoly it’s probably the biggest example with numerous versions of the same game, not just different cities but modes and shows.

Even other companies have made game likes Pop up pirate with different types of variants, games like hooking something or pressing or guess who etc.. all different companies doing very similar but different versions. Let’s be honest we all buy them and we were no different, I’ve played countless versions of these with the kids but the kids have enjoyed them regardless of the game and similarity.

Kids Against Maturity Board Game

The kids now play

As the kids have got older Boo and I now play them less as the kids play a lot more together, and even friends when they come over. We will still play the odd game from time to time but the kids will happily play together, with Piglet now approaching that age where she is far more evolved on these games, the shift in gameplay will no doubt focus more around her.

There are too many games to mention but to us all we have favourites and ones that give us fond memories, they can be ultra-competitive, they can be fun and able to spend great family time together. Even with all these years gone by and technology, advancing board games are still there, people are still enjoying them and still bringing families together.

Game Of Life Board Game

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