Lego 21331 Sonic the Hedgehog | Green Hill Zone

Lego 21331 Sonic the Hedgehog, Green Hill zone is part of the Lego Ideas range and helps celebrates the 30th anniversary of the popular gaming icon Sonic The Hedgehog. It has 1125 pieces including one Mini figure though 3 more characters are created using the Pieces, its RRP is £59.99.

Lego 21331

Lego 21331

Being a Lego Ideas Set it one a fan contest, and was put forward to Lego, who then decided on the final design with its own designers. The book and concept looks great with a nod to the history of Sega, it even has the original fan design so you can compare… The background of the set is focused on the Green Hills zone, the first area in the Sonic Game. This is an 18-plus range set which means I will build it without Tigger, however, the set isn’t huge and in reality, it’s quite fiddly, which is probably the age rating side of it.

Sonic the Hedgehog

The only actual Mini figure in the set sees him with a special moulded design, the blue colour, headpiece and the red prints shoes look great. The spikes on the head look great, and actually, along with the white print gloves, it all looks subtle and excellent.

Dr Robotnik / Egg Man

I’m surprised he wasn’t a moulded large mini figure if I’m honest, however, the idea of making him is solid, he’s quite a simple design with the black trousers and red top, making him a bit fatter in design. the headpiece is also made with the overly large moustache which again is good, the more simple design suits the idea of the set being based on the original Sonic games, unlike the Fan-made concept version, or any other version of him during the games, as these become more elaborate with machines etc.


Eggman sits in a more traditional flying craft, that sits on a clear totem to add height, this sets off both him and the set. It looks great even though it simple grey design, but with a little flame coming out the back its all a bit neat.

However, two further creatures join the set, a bug and a crab offers the dangerous of level for Sonic. Both are excellent with the bug having two different sticker faces and the crab a simple but excellent idea and design.


The Level build has all the basics of what you see in the original green hill zone, grown and orange style checked land while the grass for the tops, trees, rings and a loop completes the layout, these are all built in stages and connected for cross pieces.

This allows you to be able to tweak the layout if you really wanted to, and make it as long as you want if you continue to buy pieces. The ring sits apon clear pieces in the air while two power-up boxes have a choice of 5 options for play, this includes Extra life, Rings, Stars, Speed boots, and Shield.

while the Lollipop save point, and a jump pad add to the visual look. But in reality, the Loop and Water bridge are the things that visually stand out when you see the long layout. A Sonic life count in the corner completes the game look design as you place all the other pieces on to set up the Level in design


There are some benefits to the original fan-built model compared to this, however, this one was based on the original game which is probably the better move. Sonic looks great as does Eggman and all the extras there are.

I would have prefered a couple of extra small creatures to add to the life of the level, likewise having two boxes but 5 options is odd, it’s alright having 1 or 2 spaces maybe…but there’s sparer than in use which seems an odd ratio, and you would be tempted to buy the extras to build the boxes.

It’s an 18 plus, and to be honest, even though it looks good at the end, it’s not the most enjoyable build of the actual level, there’s some neat pieces in the form of rings, pads and a bridge, but its generally the same build over and over, with essentially the same 5 pieces. This is fine but using the same little 1 square flat stud just gets a bit boring.

Ultimately 1100+pieces looks great but so many of these are just little pieces and it feels like a micro build, however it doesn’t take away from the set, it’s still a great set and i would love to see the franchise continue with other zones and other characters.


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