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Lego 21326 ideas range is a fan-voted series that gets made by normal people, then LEGO put up the ideas to be voted on. Whichever gets the most then gets legos final decision, and if successful is designed by Lego themselves and launched. The Flintstones was number 24 in the ideas range and based on the classic popular animated series. 

Lego 21326

The ideas range are in general pretty good, I already have a few and being of a certain age…… I remember as a young kid watching the Flintstones. So when this was launched I quickly made the purchase using my VIP privileges.

Unlike normal sets, the ideas sets have some information in the first few pages, covering who originally designed and had the idea, as well as some facts and information about The Flintstones. Its always a nice touch to have the information, I actually think they should do that far my on sets, 1 or 2 pages of facts information would be fine on almost all sets. Tigger and I would appreciate it. 

The Build

The first bag focused on 2 mini-figures, Fred and Wilma, these are fine, Fred is a larger character so would have been better to indicate that on the design If the figure was going to be standard. The Flintstones car with bone that sits on the side (think the opening credits after they visit drive-through) was next, I have read that this seems to have few criticisms going around.

I think it’s fine, there should have been a hole perhaps in the roof where Dino (who is missing) pops through in this same scene. But the car is also missing where they would put their feet though (I know they couldn’t put their feet in lego form), a gap could have been created to be different from a standard car shell. 

The second, third and fourth bags are all based on the pure structure of the house, it’s not massively detailed or big so I’m unsure why spread over 3 bags, the instructions were pretty simple. There’s the main plate with 2 small plates in the back, the idea is they open up so from behind so you can see much clearer inside.

By the end of bag 4, a palm tree and chimney are attached, and the side of the building have added curves to create the illusion of a curve stone. Again this has been another point of criticism on the Internet but to be honest the sides are curvey enough. But I do agree the front and back could have been rounder to help that illusion. 

Bag 5 see Betty and Barney, also much of the inside of the building is done including the TV, couch, and other aesthetics. The building being small obviously limits how much can be put in there, no other major references to the series are really inside. Bag 6 sees the letterbox with their name on it and as well as the roof etc… It’s at an angle and looks pretty good, the letterbox is a nice touch though. 

My Thoughts

Overall the set is OK. Good, if you a fan of Flintstones as it’s worth a buy, and it is unique compared to other sets out there. There are some issues, the building is a little limited, personally would have been fine being bigger and then being more expensive, because you would have seen more references to the series as this is a one of a kind set.

The Simpsons for example, are much more money but far more detailed (they are a little expensive BTW), No dino? Or the sabre tooth? Dinosaurs are present now in the Lego universe with the Jurassic world etc… But what’s more curious no Bam Bam or pebbles? Which would have Been the minimum to include? However, being all of this has made the set a competitive price and worth a buy if your a collector or a fan of the show. Maybe not for anyone else. 


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