Lego and Why We Love it

I love Lego… Could end it there lol, over the years Lego had improved in design, quality and choice of characters and my enjoyment and love of it has grown. AFOL and lego fans have very strong opinions of what they like and what they don’t, whether it’s the design or the price or anything, everyone has an opinion and a comment.  It can enrage or spark passion in debates or creativity. You can stay to the premade sets or create a City / Diarama. The choice is yours and it cant be wrong.

Why do i wirte about it

Me choosing to talk about it and do more on this blog in the future isn’t meant to annoy people or add further arguments in this field (nailed the waver). It’s just my opinion of what I like and the things about it, I don’t know all the facts about the material or the proper name of the pieces involved so again I apologise. 

But lego is great, the thing I like doing the most is just simply the building, it takes my mind off Things and a chance to chill. It can be challenging, frustrating, difficult and can be satisfying, relaxing and fun, when you finish it look back and think, wow that’s cool, or it’s a really good build, or even just admire some of the unique things about it.

There are stand-alone designs, unique moments in films, architecture, characters, vehicles, and all-round variety of sets to replicate giant scenes of films like star wars, Harry Potter, Lord of the rings. So whether you like Minecraft, Adventure Time, Unikittym Mario, Racing cars, Buildings, Sonic, Star Wars etc there’s something for all.

Beauty of Lego

And that’s the beauty of Lego, it’s for all, Lego junior is great for younger kids to help learn skills, to very detailed harder builds for serious collectors that take hours to do. Lego doesn’t discriminate or get complacent, they are always trying new things or tweaking popular old models and relaunching with tweaks. 

My only downside to Lego as a parent or a collector, it can be expensive, UK for some reason tends to be more expensive than other territories. Some sets are only around for a limited time, if you shop smart you can buy sets in sales from Amazon, Argos, Smyths, I generally only if buy them in sales, some stuff is only located at Official Lego stores, and unfortunately you have to bite the bullet and buy them from there, but they have a Lego VIP promotion that allows you to collect points(works very well, think £5 every £100 spent).

BUT! Once a set or mini-figure ends, they go up in value, I read an article a while ago how lego since 2000 has increased in value more than Gold, lol that doesn’t help a parent or collector, but trust me, they rocket up. Trying to buy a discontinued set is difficult and will be expensive, each 6 months go by it skyrockets. So if you want the set and it’s on sale buy it. 

We love Lego though

But as you will see and hear a lot, I love Lego, Roo loves building it (she likes to sit next to me and do it) Tigger loves Lego, he’s an organised boy and very particular, he likes the process and doesn’t break up the build (never break his builds lol), it sets like his Lego Batman, Ninjago, City range, we do not break them down and are careful, his rules. he has some random bits of lego that he builds and breaks, even Piglet has started to jojn the fun. But we as a family love lego. 


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