Diary From A Dad | September 2022

As each month goes by my Diary from a Dad look at what’s happening with our little family, through all the adventures, challenges and obstacles that come to our lives. As a family of 5, with 3 children at different ages every day, week and month can offer something different. It was September 2022, the school return, a brief time away, and the country continues to go wrong…


An Interesting month

Let’s put all the news to the side, the Queen, Political mess, and Energy prices, as it was a month of turmoil(covid is still here BTW), so we will just look at what happened in our lives. For me and Boo it was a simple month, a little bit of work and home time, oh and it was my birthday… with everyone either at school or working I had a quiet birthday with a small celebration on the Sunday while again spending time together at Teatime on the actual Tuesday birthday, I was ok with it as these days the big over the top celebration isn’t my thing.

I did manage to go out with some friends for drinks a week later (as we all have plans etc) on a rare occasion that we manage to get together. The girls enjoyed a special trip to see Beauty and the beast in London as an early birthday present for Boo, while Boo and I visited a local food festival at a weekend without the kids! a rare treat.

Mini Holiday

There were two big things this month our mini holiday, and the School Return. As we have mentioned before we are having an easier year on expenses as we keep costs low and reducing how much we do, next year will be similar to the last couple of years as we try to save money and realign money as we deal with life and the ever-changing world.

With this being said big trips away have been reduced drastically, but we said there would be one mini holiday this year, Butlins. Why Butlins? well to be honest the kids love it, and we have shared mini pics and some posts about our fun there, it’s the one place the kids will always refer to and want to take a trip there. so we went for it.

As in the past, we had a great time with the kids enjoying themselves, for me and Boo we actually relax a little in a place we are comfortable with, while the kids have fun. Boo with her work managed to tag on another holiday park the weekend before in the same area, they were wanting to work with her for a while so she was clever and tagged it on, it may not be the place we would choose again etc, especially how far it is from us but the kids enjoyed the rare chance to use a hot tub on tap.

School Return

The school return this year was a special one, a slightly delayed one as the school delayed reopening because of a new building, plus we were arriving back from our mini holiday. But with school Piglet was doing another year, it was weird to think for us this was the last child going through early school years, something that I hadn’t really thought about until the summer as the kids are beginning to get older.

Meanwhile, Tigger was beginning his first year of highschool, something I detailed in our annual highscool return post, with our concerns and worries. With big steps for him to accomplish both educational and his own personal growth. Where As Roo was in her last year of highschool, we think about the future and help her through this difficult last year.

I’m so proud of her and she is my common sense girl (mostly), so taking this year in her stride I still worry for her. While hopefully, she does more education as she heads towards something she wants to do over the next coming years I’m very aware that school age is coming to an end, shes approaching an adult and it’s a weird thought for us as it doesn’t feel like its been 16 years.

Next month

October though is Halloween! our favourite time of the year with Autumn celebrating this time of year, so onto the next month we go!

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