Tiggers Gaming Life

Tigger growing up wasn’t Into gaming lots, Roo actually played more than him at his age. She enjoyed playing things like skylanders etc. But eventually, he began to play a tablet, again like Roo, maybe because she would be playing it near him. 

What we have…

But since those early days we’ve had an Xbox 360, then moved over to ps3 and the Wii. We’ve owned a DS, and he plays games on his Tablet, This generation has seen him mainly use the ps4, and since then over the last couple of years, we bought a second one so both Tigger and Roo can play different games etc… Then more recently a nintendo switch which is largely being used for Tigger and the whole family when we play Multiplayer games.

The kids don’t play them all the time, we run on an off and on system, one day on and one day off, and in reality, there are days when they should go on but as we are busy they don’t get a chance. We then don’t give them an extra day. This system seems to work very effectively and combined with rewards for school and work and attitude has seen a good balance.

I am a parent that sticks fairly well to age ratings of games, I’ve been in the games industry on and off for nearly 20 years in my retail world so I’m quite in touch. (though maybe not as much at the moment). So Tigger tends to play games like Starlink, Lego, Skylanders, most platformers. A couple of racing games have pushed him with onrush and burnout, with Rocket league also being a big favourite in the house. I’m trying to get him to do More puzzle games while easing him into the older games and staying away from the much older games for as long as I can. 

Tigger is my special Boy

He strikes me of the type of boy who will be into games for the rest of his life, how he approaches them, what interests him, the way he likes to watch me on them. Long term he will no doubt do more gaming and I will continue to keep him balanced between gaming, playing with his toys and outside activities, which he does lots over the course of the year, especially in the brighter weather. He reminds me of myself in many ways and this is a prime example.

We love gaming and enjoy our time playing them, especially together, even with the kids getting older its something that unites them. In reality, it’s something I have in common with them aswell, as is a subject that I can bridge and discuss with them. Over the years the stigma of gaming has decreased, and its ultimately become a day to day thing in life. More so in the future, as these generations are surrounded by gaming and different forms will just be the norm.


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